Virginia at Virginia Tech: A Tweecap

Virginia handled the Hokies last night in a 57-54 victory that wasn't close until the final moments of the game. For those who were unable to watch the game and (surprisingly) unwilling to read a play-by-play to figure out exactly who did what and in what order, we offer you this Tweecap, a Twitter recap of last night's contest based on the pulse of Wahoo Nation.

@HairyJew4Life: @TheUVAFool Ok time to turn off the TV Brian [GAME TIME]

@willsworldmn: Mike scott hit a three? Did the world's axis tilt?

@jmoranxa: Mike just buried that three but I don't want him taking many more.

@scacchoops: This is the Virginia team that played so well against Minnesota, UVA up 17-9

@HairyJew4Life: I love having guys who can shoot the ball #UVA

@jmoranxa: This is the defense tony came here to implement. Helping very well. No real open shots. #UVA

@OzzieR89: Zeglinski! #UVA [You know you're great when fans get excited just to see your presence.]

@willsworldmn: Nice to see sammy zeglinski back.

@HairyJew4Life: Mike Scott is just dominating Jeff Allen

@willsworldmn: You can not stop mike scott!

@cavalierinsider: Mike Scott talking some trash...

@ss9ug: Hahaha RT @vbhits: @ss9ug has her game face on!!! [Unclear whether this has anything to do with the game or if this is just a standard Sunday.]

@fletcherjones: So nice to see zeglinski in. Even nicer to see a 23-15 lead w 6.5 to go in the first

@willsworldmn: Mike f'in scott baby!

@willsworldmn: Joe harris for three! [This guy is molllllllney!]

@HairyJew4Life: We simply want this game more right now #UVA 28 #VPI 15 [The last three tweets we'll just lump together as "a good series."]

@willsworldmn: Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! [What is, the sound a Hokie's partner makes in bed?]

@scacchoops: just wow, UVA up 36-20 after a Farrakhan steal and dunk, can someone let hte #Hokies know the game started? [Filed under: Memos Not Delivered]

@jmoranxa: Shucks. Looks like vpi isn't gonna make the tourney again this year. [HALFTIME: UVa 36, VPI 24]

@notetosarah: @TheUVAFool is risking his life to watch the game... why am I not surprised? [I couldn't help it.]

@ACCSports: Color me impressed by the Cavaliers so far. [Media loooovin']

@kenpomeroy: Pretty crucial half for Va Tech here. This is rated as their 3rd easiest ACC game. Lose this, and getting to 10 ACC wins would be difficult. [WHO IS IN CHARGE IF THESE RATINGS? I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, KEN!]

@cavalierinsider: This #Hokie team has definitely come out of the locker room fired up. HUGE dunk by Terrell Bell. [Uh oh, you know what this means...]

@TheUVAFool: TV's off. [Sacrifices. A half breath later:]

@Wahoos247: What a block by Farrakhan!

@HairyJew4Life: Farrakhan just made Hudson his b*tch [*Editor's censorship -- there are no First Amendment rights on this site.]

@cavalierinsider: Mu with the swat of the year on Dorenzo Hudson!

@cavalierinsider: #VT shrinking #UVA 's lead quickly. 44-38 #Hoos

@HairyJew4Life: Harris with a MONSTER 3 to end the run

@jmoranxa: Sammy looks better than I thought he would. Would love to see him make one of those threes. [Sammy Z is his own man and listens to no one. He would finish the night 0-2 in three-point attempts.]

@jmoranxa: In case you've been under a rock. Joe Harris is legit.

@JMU2012: Harris is EVERWHERE for UVA.

@willsworldmn: Hokies cut it to five. The shots suddenly aren't falling for uva.

@CoachRyanUVA: Com on guys-you have this! Just keep working!!! Beat the Hokies!!! Hang in there and weather the storm. [Women's head coach Debbie Ryan is feeling the heat and offers her words of inspiration.]

@willsworldmn: A clutch basket by assane sene. [First bucket of the night.]

@willsworldmn: I'm amazed I used the words clutch, basket, assane, and sene in the same sentence. [Upon further reflection.]

@HairyJew4Life: This game is gonna give me a heart attack

@EricBradbury: Assane Sene gives us an idea of what it would be like to play basketball without arms. [While the 'Hoos are up only by two at this point, this seems awfully harsh, as moments later:]

@willsworldmn: Assane sene again! [Sene registers his second bucket of the night at a key moment.]

@fletcherjones: We're under a minute?! Aggghhh don't choke [Virginia fans worrying now as it looks like it could be anybody's game at this point.]

@jmoranxa: I feel like throwing up. [Relatedly, we noticed our cynical UVA fan has been missing tonight.]

@fletcherjones: Yes yes yes yes yes flagrant foul on mike scott [Some fans are excitable during games.]

@notetosarah: technical foul on VPI. delightful. [Other fans maintaine poise, eloquence, and composure. One might even say, swagger.]

@jmoranxa: Mu and mike crazy good at the line down the stretch. [We all know this just cursed them both.]

@HairyJew4Life: COME ON MIKE!!!!! [Indeed, Scott misses the front end of a 1-and-1. Way to go, @jmoranxa.]


@JMU2012: THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE! UVA beats Tech, 57-54!

@JarJenkins: UVA basketball doing big things [UVa men's tennis player Jarmere Jenkins gets in on the fun.]

@sanamksingh: UVA just beat V tech at V tech in looks legit.. [As does Sanam Singh - sounds like the whole tennis team is celebrating this win]

@ESPNAndyKatz: UVA's Mike Scott scored 21 points and grabbed 13 boards in win over Va Tech. He has an all-ACC look about him so far.

@fletcherjones: Dear @MScottuva23- you're a man in a world of boys [This seems an appropriate time to end this Tweecap, before things start getting awkward.]

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