Former Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Players Discuss Their Most Memorable Moments

Ryan Pettinella - Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Four former players discuss their most memorable UVA hoops moments, and despite what you hear about "moral victories" being worthwhile, all four moments involve a big win for the Hoos.

Fans aren't the only ones getting excited about Virginia basketball this year. You can bet that at the start of every season, UVA basketball alumni are getting just as stoked. For most of them, they can remember that first game of the season - whether it's their freshman year or their senior year - like it was just yesterday.

In the spirit of this, we caught up with a few former Wahoo players with one simple question - what was your most memorable UVA hoops moment back in your playing days? Here's what they had to say:

Jerome Meyinsse (F '10)

Hmm my most memorable UVA hoops moment...hard for me to pick one so I'll give you two. My favorite team moment was beating Duke in overtime my first year. Nothing can compare to jumping up and down and celebrating with my teammates and the fans. My favorite individual moment was when I had a two hand slam, And 1, at North Carolina my fourth year. The crowd was silent and all you could hear was me screaming and my teammates cheering.

Sharnee Zoll (G '08)

My most memorable UVA hoops moment has to be the game against Clemson in John Paul Jones when I broke Dawn Staley's ACC and UVA assist record! It was a goal that both Coach Debbie Ryan and I set for myself before I entered my first year at UVA! It felt surreal that I made a goal with my mentor and through hard work, faith, and great scoring teammates I was able to accomplish that feat!

P.S. I miss all of the Cavalier fans and Charlottesville!!!

Ryan Pettinella (PF '08)

My most memorable UVA hoops moment was definitely when we opened John Paul Jones arena against #10 ranked Arizona. The energy that night was unmatchable, complete with fireworks and Michael Buffer announcing the starting line up! It was a marquee win for the program and an awesome way to open JPJ!

JR Reynolds (G '07)

There are many memorable moments, but if I had to pick one it would be the first game in JPJ against Arizona. It was my senior season and I was able to play the first game in the top arena in college basketball. It couldn't get any better than that, right? Wrong! It was a maybe the day before the game I heard Michael Buffer, the famous boxing announcer, was going to announce the starting line ups. I thought it was just a rumor, so the day of the game, it was just crazy. The first game in JPJ, the fans were crazy, a good Arizona team, Michael Buffer announced our starting line ups, and on top of that we won the game. That's my most memorable hoops moment.

Thanks to all of these guys (and gal) for giving us their thoughts!

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