Maryland and Virginia Injury Reports: Terrapins' Wes Brown Out; Hoos' Tim Smith, Darius Jennings Questionable

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Once again, Virginia's opponent is missing a key player due to injury. The question is, will Virginia finally be able to capitalize on this, or will the Hoos continue to slide downwards towards the ACC cellar?

When Virginia played Penn State earlier this year, they were without their star tailback, Bill Belton.

When the Hoos traveled to face TCU, the Horned Frogs were without their best running back Waymon James.

Against Louisiana Tech, the Bulldogs were without leading rusher Tevin King.

Last week against Duke, the Blue Devils were without their starting quarterback, Sean Renfree.

See a trend here? It's not changing.

Maryland's injury report reveals that their leading tailback Wes Brown is out this week due to a shoulder injury. Up to this point this season, Brown had 33 carries for 150 yards, averaging 4.5 yards per carry, and earning one touchdown. Taking the brunt of the workload onto his already burdened shoulders is Justus Pickett, who has 46 carries for 137 yards (3.0 yards per carry) and 3 touchdowns. Also available are Albert Reid and Brandon Ross, who have picked up a little over 50 yards each on the season.

Here's the full injury report for Maryland:


WR Kerry Boykins (hip/groin)
TB Wes Brown (shoulder)
LB L.A Goree (neck)
S Matt Robinson (groin)


G De'Onte Arnett (ankle)
T Justin Gilbert (knee)
CB Jeremiah Johnson (knee)
DT Darius Kilgo (ankle)
T Nick Klemm (knee)
TB Justus Pickett (illness)
LB Kenneth Tate (knee)
DE Joe Vellano (foot)
G Andrew Zeller (knee)

Virginia's injury report is not as disastrous:


DE Billy Schautz (lower extremity)
DT Buddy Ruff (medical)


WR Darius Jennings (trunk)
WR Tim Smith (lower extremity)


SS Darius Lee (lower extremity)
DT Justin Renfrow (upper extremity)
QB Phillip Sims (medical)

First of all, don't worry about Sims, who will almost certainly start barring..never mind, just knock on wood and move along.

Both Schautz and Ruff have not played in the past three weeks and so there isn't much of an impcat there.

Both Jennings and Smith are listed as questionable for this week. Smith's injury is not new, as he was not available last week against Duke. But Jennings's injury is new; he caught three passes last week in Smith's absence, for 20 yards.

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