Updated College Lacrosse Polls: Virginia falls from No. 1

This week's updated college lacrosse polls are out -- and to nobody's surprise, Virginia is no longer the top dog after falling to Johns Hopkins this past weekend in overtime. The Hoos fall to No. 2 in the media poll and drop to a surprising No. 3 in the coaches poll. Hopkins, of course, comes in at No. 1 across the board. Here are the updated lacrosse rankings:


Rank Team Points
1 Johns Hopkins University 360
2 University of Virginia 339
3 University of Massachusetts 311
4 Cornell University 310
5 Loyola University 292
6 University of Notre Dame 277
7 Lehigh University 223
8 Duke University 221
9 University of Maryland 197
10 University of Denver 194
11 Princeton University 190
12 University of North Carolina 178
13 Villanova University 158
14 Syracuse University 146
15 Fairfield University 81
16 Bucknell University 79
17 Colgate University 65
18 Penn State University 60
19 Navy 30
20 Georgetown University 20


Rank Team Points 1st Place
1 Johns Hopkins University 218 10
2 University of Massachusetts 199 0
3 University of Virginia 195 0
4 Loyola University 189 1
5 Cornell University 187
6 University of Notre Dame 165
7 Lehigh University 144
8 Duke University 137
9 University of Maryland 125
10 University of Denver 112
11 University of North Carolina 111
12 Villanova University 106
13 Princeton University 95
14 Syracuse University 74
15 Fairfield University 62
16 Bucknell University 53
17 Colgate University 51
18 Penn State University 33
19 Georgetown University 12
20 Hofstra University 8

Hopkins is deservingly the unanimous No. 1 in the media poll. But among the voting coaches, one person decided to throw their vote behind (undefeated) Loyola. Questionable, though they have taken down No. 8 Duke, No. 10 Denver and No. 19 Georgetown.

The bigger question for me is, why is UMass No. 2? The Minutemen, at 7-0, have defeated Army, Bucknell, Ohio State, Brown, Albany, Hartford, and Penn State.

Of those teams, precisely zero are in the top 15 of the coaches poll. Only Bucknell (16) and Penn State (18) crack the top 20. UMass won those two games by a combined three goals. Can anyone give a logical explanation for why UMass, then, is ranked ahead of Virginia?

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