C'ville Bar Madness Final Four: Voting is Open

We are down to the FINAL FOUR of C'ville Bar Madness, and it's a battle between four monster Charlottesville establishments! In the Elite Eight, The Virginian was the first of the two one-seeds to go down, which means that the Orange region is down to a four-seed and a seven-seed, while the Blue region has top-seeded Biltmore and three-seed Mellow Mushroom.

Voting in the Final Four Round will close at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18.

Voting will be just like last week. This round closes on Wednesday, and you can vote once on your computer (and once more on your phone!). To spice things up this week, we asked each remaining bar to put together a 350-word (or less) blurb for themselves. McGrady's and Maarten's took us up on the offer, while the Biltmore and Mellow Mushroom stayed under the radar. [Ed. Note: Both Biltmore and Mellow Mushroom have since submitted blurbs, which have been included below.]

Here is your printable Final Four C'ville Bar Madness bracket.


Without further ado, here are your two Final Four matchups. May the best bar win! Note that voting is restricted to just one time per computer.

#1 Biltmore vs. #3 Mellow Mushroom

#1 Biltmore0%
#3 Mellow Mushroom0%

No. 1 Biltmore vs. No. 3 Mellow Mushroom


Wow, we just...um, are so thankful to be here (holding back tears)

Seriously, the Biltmore would like to thank all our supporters for their love and clicks. You crazy animals are our lifeblood - where would we be without you Survivin' locos?

We're honored just to be nominated in this contest and to stand here among these formidable adversaries. We respect the hell out of you, friends.

Buuuut unlike you, we doooo have a beach bar. Just sayin'. It's awesome. We attract a beautiful eclectic mix of C-Ville's various factions, we have arguably the best drink specials on the Corner, we have multiple levels of weird old historically significant property, we're tucked into an obscure part of Elliewood which makes us fight that much harder, not unlike Rocky... and what else? Oh yeah, we have a freaking massive outdoor area and cornhole boards and a BEACH BAR.

The Biltmore loves you baby!

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom will be celebrating it's 11 year anniversary on Friday!! Thanks to loyal foodies and beer enthusiasts. Serving great pizzas and keeping 39 beers on tap to keep students and locals happy.

People are so excited about our anniversary that they have booked a private party that night so please come visit us for dinner that night before they start to party!

Tuesday is Beer Club appreciation night, Wednesday night is the a student favorite trivia night. Then come on down to watch sporting events on TV through out the weekend.

Again we would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us over the years and in this Bar bracket madness. We also welcome all of those you have not been to visit us to come on a Magical Mystery Tour with us.

-Mellow Crew

#4 McGrady's Irish Pub vs. #7 St. Maarten Cafe

#4 McGrady's Irish Pub0%
#7 St. Maarten Cafe0%

No. 3 McGrady's Irish Pub vs. No. 7 St. Maarten Cafe

McGrady's Irish Pub
Pub – n. (English) short for Public House, a gathering place for family, friends and the community

At McGrady's Irish Pub we focus on three things.

Foremost is community. We give back through our fundraisers for UVA Children's Hospital, the March of Dimes via the local NICU unit, Team in Training, the Alzheimer's Association, Pancakes for Parkinson's, the local police force and many others. We sponsor active living groups like the C-ville Social league, the 1st Tee, the Herd Lacrosse team, and countless softball, soccer and other sports teams. We openly look for families and friends to spend their afternoons and evenings on our deck, or inside the pub, enjoying great food at a great price, and some entertaining shuffleboard, pool or video games along the way.

A close second to community is beer. This is a bar competition and with 24 taps of revolving microbrews, imports and the classic American brews we know we belong. The first and third Thursday of each month we feature free beer tastings from 6-7pm for our beer of the month that will include a minimum of 5 new flavors for the public to enjoy. At McGrady's there is never a shortage of great beer to choose from - and we promise with our daily draft and pitcher specials you won't find those beers at a better price in town!

Finally, we love our food. From our signature sweet and sweaty wings and killer cheese steaks (which are BOGO FREE on Saturdays) to our southern fried chicken and handmade specialty burgers, everything on our menu screams PUB and backs it up with hefty portions and top notch quality for a price no one can argue with. To make things even better we have a $5 lunch menu on Wednesday and Thursday, $4.99 wings Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, $6.50 specialty burgers for lunch on Fridays, and a great $5.95 dinner menu to accompany our challenging trivia on Tuesday nights!

Lastly, we wouldn't be writing this blurb without our loyal customers and friends. We thank you all, as well as Streaking the Lawn, for this opportunity. Cheers!

St. Maarten Cafe

St. Maarten Café is proud to advance to the Final Four Round of the C-ville Bar Madness. We would like to thank all of our amazing customers that have voted for us. It is all of your support that made us not only beat out some really great places - but for us to get reopened in the first place. Maartens would not be what it is without our regulars, without our friends.

Maartens promises to provide good service, food & beverage at a good price. We are continuing the tradition of the Coconut Club so if you have not re-hung your mug - bring it back to its home!

We are open Monday through Sunday. We offer Happy Hour specials Monday - Friday from 4 - 7 and Brunch Specials on Sunday from 11 - 3. We do validate parking for one hour in both the garage and the lot. Come in this week to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the sound will be on for the Caps games.

We can't wait to see everyone and hope to win the whole thing - so continue to support your favorite bar on the Corner!

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