Virginia Football: Moving past Georgia Tech and on to TCU

If you have faith in Mike London and company to keep this program on the rise, then you know that the Georgia Tech game is in the past, and it's time to move on.

Here's the deal. It's Tuesday now. You've had half a day on Saturday to drown your sorrows. Then you had a whole day on Sunday to first be in denial that Saturday's game even happened, then to begin work on pointing some fingers. You spent Monday reading analysis instead of doing whatever it is you were supposed to do at work. And now it's Tuesday.

Which means, it's about time to look forward to Saturday's contest against TCU.

And why shouldn't we? After all, one game does not a season make. In fact, I'd say we're right on pace with where we should be. Compare, just for a second, last season. Game One: Beat up on an FCS team (William & Mary, 40-3). Game Two: Rally to squeak by a Big Ten team (Indiana, 34-31). Game Three: Suffer a feel-bad conference loss (North Carolina, 17-28). The Hoos would also go on to lose Game Four, an out of conference match against Southern Miss.

But the 2011 Hoos would go on to face Virginia Tech for the Coastal title, and ultimately play in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, the ACC's highest non-BCS tie-in.

Which is to say, not all is lost. One game does not a season make.

Saturday's loss was a real stinger - not that Virginia fans necessarily expected a win in Atlanta, but certainly they expected something closer. But just as "a win is a win," a loss is a loss. UVA is 2-1 (0-1), and that's exactly where we were at this point last year.

This week Virginia takes on No. 16 TCU on the road. The Hoos are 1-1 all time against the Horned Frogs, with the last matchup being a 30-14 loss at home, also when TCU was ranked No. 16.

Is Saturday a defining moment for this team? I don't think so. Would it be celebration time if the Hoos pulled off the road upset? Absolutely. Not to hedge and set expectations too low, but a loss wouldn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Spend Saturday looking at whether there was any improvement from the game before. TCU runs a "non-gimmicky" offense (to use the terms from the STL Roundtable earlier today) and you'll be able to make a better assessment of just where Virginia is and where the Hoos will need to get to before the bulk of the ACC schedule takes shape.

I certainly spent my fair share whining and making hyperbolic statements following last Saturday's game, but it's a new week and a new opponent. You think our players are still hanging their heads over that game? Let's look alive for Saturday, and GO HOOS!

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