Most Virginia loss ever?


There's nothing else to say - is there? The contest against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs left Hoo fans with no recourse except to release a Charlie Brown-esque scream of anguish. Seriously? Have we run out of the stereotypical ways of losing and now have to make up our own?

In the movie "Addams Family Values" a perky rich kid asks Wednesday Addams why she is dressed like someone just died. Wednesday replies "Wait." You could easily substitute a Virginia fan in for Wednesday and any other sports fan in for the perky rich girl.

"Why are you so pessimistic about your chances?" "Wait."

Sure enough, the La. Tech game is all the proof you need to show a doubter.

Virginia starts hot, gives you the hope that maybe the pieces have finally clicked and the team has turned the corner? Check. Michael Rocco was on track to have one of the best halves of football by a Virginia quarterback in history early on.

The opponent finally gets their act together, giving every Virginia fan that sense of dread that we're going to end up on the receiving end of a blowout? Check. The offense slowed down, and several key mistakes gave Louisiana Tech golden opportunities to catch up.

Being on the receiving end of a blow out as the game rounds the 3/4 mark? Check. The self-destruction just about every Virginia fan was predicting at half time came to pass in the third quarter - when turnovers, penalties, and a defense that could not keep up with the spread attack of the Bulldogs conspired to bury Virginia under an 20 point deficit.

Virginia pulls themselves together, gets a few breaks and actually gives us all some hope? Check. In a cruel twist, Virginia rode the arm of Phillip Sims back into the game, and stood on the brink of getting the ball back with a shot to win the game.

Only to lose in a new way that reaches a new low. A 5-yard illegal substitution penalty on 4th-and-1 that hands the Bulldogs a first down and the ability to kneel on a 6 point margin and head back to the Bayou State with the victory? ARRRGGGGHHH!!

So, only the worst day of Sam Ficken's life stands between Virginia and a 0-4 record against FBS competition. Virginia lost to Georgia Tech by getting smashed right out of the gate. The Hoos were slowly steamrolled by TCU. And now Louisiana Tech squeaks by on the back of Virginia's inability to line up properly on what would have been the most pivotal play of a close game.

At this point, the serious question facing the Virginia football program is - What next? A road game against a 4-1 Duke team that has scored over 30 against every non-Top 25 team they have faced awaits. The young Virginia secondary is still struggling in pass coverage, which has got to be music to Duke QB Sean Renfree's ears.

Is it possible for Virginia to find a new way to lose? Wait.

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