2013 Virginia Football Player Profiles

Nicholson Leads Veteran Secondary

Tra Nicholson has missed just 44 plays during his career, and most of those were plays where he wasn't needed. He's been Mr Reliable on a defense that has been inconsistent during his career. Now, he leads a defense that's finally coming together.

Dominique Terrell Is The Third Best WR on the Team

Unfortunately for Terrell, the Hoos have so much depth at WR, not to mention TE and RB, that he may not get as many reps as he'd like. He'll be the primary slot WR and backup, but the Hoos may not use as many 3 WR sets as they did last year.

Billy Skrobacz Is The Hoos Best Blocking Back

Skrobacz isn't going to blow anybody away with his size or athleticism. But he knows football, and he's played FB for 4 years now. He knows how to lead block. None of the other FBs on the roster has played even a single down at FB.

The Offense Is Reliant on David Watford's Arm

Thrown into the fire as a true freshman, Watford didn't look good. He struggled with reads, he struggled with accuracy and he struggled with controlling the game. But he's older now, more advanced and he's a team leader. How far can he lead the team?

Darius Jennings Is Still Learning To Play WR

Coming into the program as a wildcat QB, Jennings had to learn to play WR. As a freshman, he looked lost at times, but played well enough. Last year, he started to come on and led the team in receiving. This year, he'll be asked to do even more.

Eli Harold Is a Freak Athlete At DE

Despite being raw and undersized, Eli was one of the most productive DLs we had last year. He's only getting better, and he's now in a defense that can really utilize his athleticism. Harold could have a breakout season at DE.

Anthony Harris Moves to SS, A Better Fit For Him

Last year, Harris played FS, and was 3rd on the team in tackles. He's certainly a capable FS, but he's a better fit at SS. Harris is big, strong and fast, and can handle everything a SS has to do in Coach Tenuta's defense.

C.J. Moore Still Needs to Bulk Up

At just 160 pounds, Moore simply isn't big enough to cover ACC WRs right now. He's fast, one of the fastest on the team. That may get him onto special teams. But he'll need 15-20 pounds of muscle before he's on the field as a DB.

Greyson Lambert Has Some Matt Schaub Potential

Lambert, like Schaub, was fighting for the starting job with a dual-threat QB. They are similar in size, and both possess good mechanics, tremendous accuracy, and both have question marks about their arm strength. Can Lambert be as good as Schaub?

Romero Could Lead This Team in Sacks

As an OLB in coach Tenuta's defense, you have to be able to rush the passer. Romero had 30 sacks as a junior in HS. The two are a match made in football heaven. Daquan Romero could have a big year in our new, attacking, defense.


Ian Frye Is Likely Our Best Placekicker

Frye handled KOs last year, and was 3/5 on FGs. His misses were from 44 and 22(!) yards. Frye has a big leg and could end up being very good. He needs to work on his consistency, but he's only been kicking for 5 years, so he's still got room to grow.

Matt Johns Is Basically Half Watford, Half Lambert

WIth a skillset that combines some of Watford's quickness and athleticism with some of Lambert's pocket presence and accuracy, Johns could push for snaps as soon as next year. Right now he's simply not physically ready to be on the field.

Miles Gooch is a Big, Fast Guy Who's Still Raw

Gooch is the biggest WR we've got and has outstanding stragith line speed. But he's still learning how to use his size and speed to get open. With so many more advanced WRs on the roster, it may be tough for Gooch to find the field.

E.J. Scott Will Compete for Reps in the Slot

While not really big enough for reps on the outside, Scott is a prototypical slot WR. He's got good hands, runs good routes and can make people miss. He was 4th on the team in catches last year, and should have no problem repeating that this year.

Tim Smith Is Still the Top WR on the Team

Smith has become something of an afterthought, considering the talent we have at WR these days. But Smith is still the fastest WR on the team, still has the best hands on the team, and is the most experienced WR on the team. He could have a big year.

Brandon Phelps Moves From SS to FS

Phelps never seemed all that comfortable at SS. As a former CB, he's best in coverage and not great in run support. He moves to FS, where hopefully his skills will fit better. It's easy to forget he's still just a junior and has a long way to go.

DreQuan Hoskey May Be The Fastest Guy On The Team

Slated to start at one CB spot, Hoskey's is a pure speed guy who isn't very big. He'll probably start, but will be spelled against bigger WRs. He'll also move inside to cover slot guys when we go to the nickel defense.

Khalek Shepherd Is The Do-Everything Back

As the primary KR guy, PR guy, and a third-down back, Shepherd had a ton of touches last year and led the team in All-Purpose yards. He'll get more touches for the offense this year, and is a good bet to lead the team in All-purpose yards once again.

New Hoos: Tyrell Chavis

Most of the incoming freshman class figures to either redshirt this year, or playing sparingly in a reserve or special teams role. Tyrell Chavis is not one of those guys.

Adam Caplinger Isn't Likely to Play Much

Caplinger was a very good high school football player. He isn't big enough, nor quick enough to play at this level. He could potentially see time on a FG unit or something like that, but as a LB he's not going to play.

Kevin Parks Will Be the Primary RB This Year

The Hoos are, as usual, deep at TB. But unlike past years, only one guy is a real between-the-tackles, every down back. If the OL gets their act together, and Parks gets a majority of the carries, he could easily break 1000 yards.

Maurice Canady Is the Hoos Top Big CB

As the only CB on the team over 6 feet tall, Canady was often covering players 20 or 30 pounds heavier than him. Canady impressed last year with his physicality and overall play. He may not start this year, but he'll be on the field plenty.

Rijo Walker Can't Seem to Get A Break

Seemingly always second on the depth chart, whether at CB, FS or SS, Walker has spent most of his career watching from the sidelines. He's done well on special teams and looked good in limited action on defense. Maybe this is his year.

Willem Van Reesema Has a Big Leg

He's not the all-world talent that his HS teammate Eli Harold is. But, he's a PK with a big leg, who is also a solid all-around athlete. He's not going to be the FG guy this year, but he could win the battle of KO specialist.

D.J. Hill Is a Very Good Cover LB

Coach Tenuta likes to use his LBs to attack the backfield, especially in passing situations. That isn't really Hill's strength, though. Still, you need a guy who can cover a TE by himself, which helps open up pass rush lanes for others.

Alec Vozenilek is A Pretty Good Punter

Alec was named to Phil Steele's preseason All-ACC 3rd team. He's a solid punter, who averaged over 40 yards per punt last year, downing 22 of his 66 punts inside the red zone. Just 4 of his punts went for touchbacks and 16 were fair caught.

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