2013 Virginia Football Player Profiles

Mike Moore Ready to Go at DE and DT

As a bigger DE, Moore has tremendous athleticism, a trait he probably got from his QB dad. Because of the Hoos lack of depth at DT, Moore will likely be asked to slide down and play inside in certain situations. He's also the backup strong-side DE.

Blake Blaze Is More Than Just An Awesome Name

Blake Blaze is a great name. Blake easily takes the crown for best name on the team. As the lone student rep to the Board of Visitors, he also takes the crown for most accomplished off the field. On the field, he's the backup long snapper.

Kwontie Moore Will Be a Beast at MLB

For now, Moore is behind Henry Coley on the depth chart. Coley has the edge in experience, but Moore is a better prospect. Depending on Moore's progression, Moore could end up taking over. This could push Coley back to OLB or to the bench.

Marrs May Not Play Much, But He's Capable

Marrs has seen action on special teams already in his career. That is likely to be his primary role this year as well, since he almost definitely won't see time at DB. He's a good athlete without ideal size or speed, but he'll be solid on STs.

Kye Morgan Is Talented, But Not Ready

If the Hoos weren't so deep at RB, Morgan could probably step in and be successful. But the fact is, he doesn't have to. The Hoos have at least 2 backs ahead of Morgan, one of the top RB recruits in the nation coming in.

CB Divante Walker Will Have To Wait For His Chance

Walker is simply too slight to play at a high level right now. He's got decent speed, but he's not a burner. He may get a shot on special teams, but even that isn't too likely. He'll work on his game and hopefully be an asset in a couple years.

Kelvin Rainey is a Big CB Who Also Plays S

Rainey is listed as the backup SS behind Ant Harris, but is still on the roster as a CB. He's more experienced as a S, and has the size for the position. He still isn't developed in man coverage, which makes S a better spot for him right now.

Nicholas Conte Learned to Punt on YouTube

The 3rd string punter, Conte isn't going to see the field. He may never see the field. But learning to punt by watching videos, and turning that into a place on a DI football team is impressive nonetheless.

Darius Lee Will Be A Special Teams Standout

Lee is a bit of a tweener. Not strong enough to play OLB, but perhaps a bit slow for a S. He's on the roster as a S, but the depth chart as a LB. His path to the field is at LB, because we like fast LBs. For now, he's a star on special teams.

Jeremy Dollin Could See Time at TE

Dollin is listed 4th on the TE roster, but the guy ahead of him (Rob Burns) is incredibly raw. If one of the top 2 TEs (McGee and Swanson) were to miss any time, Dollin could find himself playing at TE. He'd be a solid receiver and a bad blocker.

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