2013 Virginia Football Player Profiles

Demeitre Brim Has LaRoy Reynolds-Like Potential

Just a sophomore, Brim is already starting at SAM. He has a similar physical profile to Reynolds and simply needs to work on his reads. Reynolds was raw when he started at LB, and developed his game over a few years. Brim must do the same.

Trent Corney Has Bigtime Potential

Still very raw, Corney possesses outstanding speed for a guy his size. He's also a record setting javelin thrower, with the strength you'd expect. That type of athletic profile makes him an intriguing prospect all over the field. For now he's at DE.

Sammy Macfarlane, Another Walk-On FB For the Hoos

At any given time, there are 3 or 4 of the same type of guy on the roster. Guys who work hard, play special teams, and go unnoticed because they aren't big enough or fast enough to be regulars. Fans may not notice, but the team and the coaches do.

Henry Coley Looking To Hang On To The Starting Gig

With sophomore Kwontie Moore breathing down his neck, Coley will need to perform well to keep the job. He's certainly capable, and is vastly more experienced than Moore. Coley, however, has had problems staying on the field. That will have to change.

Israel Vaughan Has Some Talent

Israel may not follow his brother into the NFL, but he's a good football player. A big kid with fantastic speed, he was an All-District QB in HS. The move to FB will take some time, but once he gets it, he could be a weapon there.

Matt Fortin Earned A Scholarship WIth Solid Work

Matt Fortin became the 2nd long snapper over the past few years to earn a scholarship for the Hoos. This is uncommon in college football, where long snappers are rarely recruited and rarely given scholarships. Fortin follow Danny Aiken among UVA LSs.

FS Mason Thomas Will Be A Special Teams Standout

Mason Thomas probably could've gone to an FCS school and been a multi-year starter at either DB or WR. He wanted to go to Virginia, so he held out for the offer, and jumped on it when he got it. Virginia's special teams say thanks.

Vincent Croce's Move to FB Could Pay Dividends

Croce moved to FB by choice, likely because he saw a chance for significant playing time. The decision was also probably made because of his inability to keep on the weight necessary for DT. Whatever the reason, it could be a fortuitous one.

Jeb Byrne, 4th String LS Isn't a Big Deal Yet

Jeb Byrne probably isn't going to make any highlight reels this year, or at all. But in a couple of years, once Matt Fortin is gone, Byrne has a chance to be the #1 LS. That's all he can really ask for.

Marco Jones Should See Time at Both DL Positions

Jones is listed on the roster as a DT and the depth chart at DE. While this confusion may not help his overall development, it means he can step in at both positions if needed. That flexibility will be key on a team with little depth on the DL.

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