Week 11 .gif Preview: UNC

Sad UVa bros after sad UVa loss make me sad. Makes the .gif preview sad. Makes us all sad. - Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball season has arrived! This week, Bennett and the boys take on UNC! What? Football season is still going on?!?!.......dammit........

Last weekend the Cavaliers took on the highly touted Clemson Tigers and it went about as well as we all hoped. Clemson blew the Hoos off the field after a somewhat respectable start. This week, we get to see what Mike London has in store for a severely underperforming UNC team. Something has to change, right? This team can't keep making the same mistakes, right? Adjustments will be made, RIGHT?


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The Cavaliers take the ball and look decent, like always. They score on the first possession because David Watford completes on passes, receivers catch the ball, and the offensive lineman do a stellar job blocking! It's just that simple!


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Defense comes out and picks off the Tar Heels! UNC football fans at the game (all 45 of them [seriously, they have worse football fans than Duke]) see another victory coming at the hands of a terrible team.


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But UVa fans everywhere know that this will not last. Of course, it doesnt. Screen play after dive after screen play lead to 5 consecutive three and outs followed by a field goal to end the half. Hoos lead 10-7 after 30 minutes of play. (But both fan bases know it's basketball season and don't care about the outcome anyways.)


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To the shock of nobody, the Cavaliers make no adjustments at halftime. UNC takes the ball and scores 17 unanswered points. The coaching staff remains baffled how this happens every week.


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Cavaliers score only two more field goals the rest of the game even though they force three UNC turnovers in the second half alone. Nobody understands. I certainly don't understand.


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But never fear Cav fans! By the time you have suffered through yet another head scratching loss, the Cavalier basketball team will already be 1-0! All shall be right in the world soon, only three more weeks, and two more games.


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