Monday Practice Impressions From a Friend of Mine

Overall, there seemed to be higher energy level to me. Could have been
my imagination. Could have been the weather. Could have been
Tenuta's constant yelling.

1st Years - Only two really impressed me. Smoke is every bit as quick
as advertised. I do not see how we can keep him off the field. To my
eye he is noticeably better than Morgan or Shepherd. The other was
Sadiq Olanrewaju. I believe he will be our starting left tackle by the end
of next year. I do not remember the last time I saw a man that large
(6'6" and 280) move that well.

QB - They mostly looked bad. All three looked hesitant. Against a real
rush they would have been buried. However, it is impossible to say
whether that was because young receivers were running bad routes.
However, Watford had 1st team receivers. Lambert 2nd, etc. Out of the
QBs I thought Johns looked the best and he has the best arm from what
I saw. We must remember they are installing a new offense. Uncertainty
is understandable in a first practice.

OL - I think we are going to be OK. If Matteo can pull this thing off, the
rest of the line looked OK and the RS Freshmen (Doull, Karl and
Mooney) looked long, strong and capable. Mooney seems a bit stiff at
2nd string left tackle, but he seems to hold his own. Otherwise, I
thought we looked OK. Of the 1st years, Eric Smith and Tetlow looked
most physically ready to play. Tetlow is a HOUSE! (Cascarano was on
crutches and his name is not on the roster that was handed out at the

RB - Parks is so far ahead of every one else - at least to my eye.
Chastain Smith has real promise, but had a fumble and a dropped catch.
If I had to guess, it will be Parks, Smoke and Shepherd by year end.

WR - None impressed me with their play - not good or bad. Terrell still
seems to let the ball get into his body on punt returns and therefore, the
ball bounces off his pads. He doesn't do the same on passes. Keeon
Johnson and Severin are really big WRs.

TE - No problems here. McGee looked good. Burns and Swanson both
quite serviceable. Swanson made some nice catches and he looks to
be tallest man on the team (maybe tied with Urban.)

DL - At DT, I thought Urban, Dean, Miles-Redmond and Gallop in that
order looked the best. Chavis and Wilkins are both quick for their size.
Wilkins seemed to tire quickly. None of our defensive ends stood out to
me either way (good or bad). Mike Moore did get some praise from
Tenuta a couple of times.

LB - Brim was out. Mark Hall is a stud. Romero looked very good as
usual. He's a football player. Tenuta seemed to be constantly yelling at Coley. That attention
could be a positive sign or a negative one. However, Kwontie Moore
didn't get nearly the negative attention.

DB - I honestly think we are set for years to come. Our 3rd team (all
freshman) backfield looked nearly as good as the 1st. Hoskey still on
1st team (over Canady) and deserved it Monday. Phelps and Ant Harris
are going to be much more than fine. Redshirt Cook and let him and
Blanding be the future. BTW Rijo Walker looked very good on 2nd team.

Punters were inconsistent. I was not impressed. One low long punt
would be followed by a high short one, followed by a fluttering short one,
followed by a bomb.

Kickers looked good. All appeared to have strong legs. Frye has
strongest. Most attempts I saw were good, but I didn't see them
practice anything over 30.

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