The Friday #Swagbag: Tony's Ties

No, Tony. That round of applause is for you and your dapper wardrobe. - Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In the inaugural #swagbag, we take a look at a select few Coach Bennett's necktie choices from the first part of this season.

Happy Friday Wahoo fans! Back in September, the staff here at Streaking the Lawn 'sat down' for a round table about our favorite uniform combos. Well, that got us thinking and we decided to dedicate a post every week to Virginia related gear, whether post game get ups, neat equipment, or uniforms. Please leave comments below on future topics!

For the inaugural #swagbag, let's take a fun, lighthearted look at Coach Tony Bennett's tie game from over the course of the season so far.

Apparently the Pac 12 has a more lenient dress code than the ACC, because prior to taking the helm in Charlottesville, Tony went the more casual route. Don't get me wrong, the "George Clooney" of college coaches rocked the look, but you have to love his east coast style.

For home games, Tony breaks out an impressive collection of orange ties. I mean is just incredible. Img_3843_medium

After the Norfolk State victory (66-56, December 23), Coach rocked the (nearly burnt) orange tie above, a classic.


Tony clearly stepped up his game for the ACC slate, breaking out the multi-toned orange for Virginia's blowout win over Wake Forest (74-51)...


...and his choice for the home Florida State matchup (78-66 win) is a similar look, but slightly different with the stripes. The blue shirt and gray suit are a great combination.


Ok, now I think Tony is just toying with us. The subtle plaid in the jacket, the crisp white shirt, and the patterned orange tie. I am surprised there wasn't one of those E! Network 360 podiums at the UNC game (76-61 victory) to show off this ensemble. Well played, Tony. Well played.

Now, it's a different story on the road for Coach Bennett. The flashy orange ties stay in the closet while the more subdued hues emerge in enemy territory. Below are the stills from NC State (76-45 win) and Duke (I don't want to talk about it).



...and now for the saddest picture of life:


While Coach's gray-toned tie game is still on point, I like to think this is the exact moment of the Tennessee Turnaround (#TTT). Nothing will change your outlook like a blank folding table surrounded by white brick.

Last home game (the big 20 point victory over Virginia Tech, 65-45), Tony returned to his casual roots, but for a great cause. In honor of Coaches vs. Cancer, Coach Bennett ditched the tie and rocked the Nike Zoom Vomero + 8s.


So, Coach, Wahoo Nation applauds you and your on-point fashion. One thing is for sure, you won't see Coach Bennett in anything this. Or as awful as this. #noBolo

Leave us suggestions below for future #swagbag posts...there may need to be one solely on Darion's post-game Rottweiler tee.

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