NCAA Tournament UVA Cheering Guide: Round of 32

Tony knows who he wants to win. So you?

The tournament is on. 32 teams have already departed, and 32 have moved on. (We're disregarding the play-in games. The Hoos move on to face the #8 Memphis. But what about the other three games in the region? Who should we be rooting for?

Once again, we're taking a look at the other games in the Hoos' region. With currently seven other teams still in it, potential opponents down the road are still up in the air. Obviously, the Hoos need to continue to take care of business, but assuming they do, what do we want from the other games?

Game 1: #1 Virginia vs #8 Memphis

Hoo Should the Hoos Root For: Obviously.

Game 2: #4 Michigan St vs #12 Harvard

Hoo Should the Hoos Root For: Harvard

Why: As many people predicted, Harvard took down the higher seeded Bearcats. Harvard was underseeded and played very well. They have the talent to give Michigan State a game, and they match up reasonably well with the Spartans. Harvard's strength is defense, while MSU is one of the most efficient offensive teams in the country. Michigan State played well enough to beat an overmatched Delaware game, but if they don't bring their A-game, the Crimson could be dancing on to Madison Square Garden.

The Hoos would love for that to happen. No disrespect to Harvard, but they simply aren't as good as the Spartans and the Hoos would be the favorite in that game. Harvard might have the majority of fan support (both as a cinderella and because there's a lot of Harvard alumni in the NYC area), but the Hoos would be expected to win that game.

Game 3: #3 Iowa St vs #6 UNC

Hoo Should the Hoos Root For: UNC

Why: Iowa St lost one of their top players in Georges Niang, which will hurt their chances of advancing very far in this tournament.

UNC, as I've said before, is a known quantity that we can beat. Iowa State, even without Niang, is a tough matchup because they play so fast. Without Niang, Iowa State is going to struggle to beat Villanova. UNC has proven this year that they can beat just about anybody in the country. That includes Nova. I think most Virginia fans would prefer to see UNC in the Elite Eight that Villanova (or Iowa state for that matter).

Game 4: #2 Villanova vs #7 UCONN

Hoo Should the Hoos Root For: UCONN

Why: UCONN needed overtime to defeat a solid St Joe's team, whereas Villanova took down Milwaukee with relative ease. UCONN is certainly capable of beating the Wildcats, especially if Shabazz Napier gets hot. Many people are overlooking Villanova, but there's a reason they are a 2 seed. They defend well, they shoot the basketball well and they are as deep as anybody in the country. Getting them out of the tourney would be a big benefit to the Hoos.

Should both teams get that far, the Hoos would much prefer to play UCONN than Villanova.

So there is your cheering guide. Keep checking back for more updates, including more cheering guides.

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