Virginia Head Coach Mike London Receives Contract Extension, Raise

Geoff Burke

School under contract to film "Still Building A Program" in 2014.

Note: This story was published on April Fools Day.

The University of Virginia announced a four-year contract extension for Virginia head football coach Mike London today. The addition extends London's contract through 2020 and includes a salary raise from $2.1 million to $2.63 million.

"We've listening to what Coach London has said during each of his post-game press conferences this year," Virginia athletics director Craig Littlepaige said in a statement. "Based on what he's said, the truth is is that every team out there is a good team. They fight hard, they're well coached, and they all seem to have an outstanding player that's hard to contain. We love Coach London's promises that he'll make the necessary adjustments in the future, and that each game there are a lot of positives to take away."

The move comes as a bit of a surprise for fans everywhere, who had to endure a 2-10 season. Streaking The Lawn reached out to executive associate athletics director Jon Oliver to provide some thoughts on the extension.

"We've been watching London throughout the basketball season," Oliver said. "I've been nothing but impressed. His assist to turnover ratio has been remarkable. And he's only a freshman. We knew we wanted to lock him in."

London, who is 18-31 over four years at Virginia, including an 8-24 ACC record, has a number of unconventional bonuses in the new contract, including a $25,000 bonus for what's categorized as, "Just one ACC win. Any ACC win at all." When asked to comment on the $350,000 longevity bonus for staying on through 2018, Littlepaige laughed and added, "Oh, he was serious?"

At $2.63 million, London's contract is the second priciest in the ACC, behind only Florida State's Jimbo Fisher ($2.75 million).

"We looked at some of the top-performing programs in the conference, like Florida State, Clemson and Virginia Tech, and realized that if we want to be in that group, we need to start acting like it," Littlepaige said. "So far, we've determined that they pay their coaches more than we have in the past. So we think this is a good start."

"We are extremely excited about the continuation of an era, and are looking forward to finally getting that elusive win that has haunted our fans for too long now: Duke."

We reached out to Coach London for comment, and in return, we simply received a postcard that says, "YOU!"

[Update: This article was originally published on April 1, 2014. Happy April Fools' Day.]

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