Virginia Daily Links: Brian O'Connor, Brian Boland Talk About Their Teams And The Postseason

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A couple human interest pieces to round off your Wednesday morning, plus the first part of a one-on-one with the hottest coach in college baseball right now.

Role Model, Leader, UVa Citizen: Jane Miller Named 2014 Zintl Award Winner | UVA Today
The U.Va. Women’s Center is recognizing former lacrosse coach Jane Miller for her "steadfast commitment" to women in sports at U.Va. for almost 30 years.

Top Coach 44: Brian O’Connor, part 1 | Top Coach Podcast
Virginia Head Baseball Coach Brian O'Connor talks about how he got where he is now and what his coaching philosophy is. He stresses consistency and he compliments the high school baseball talent we have in the Commonwealth.

Ratcliffe: Boland confident in his Cavaliers | Daily Progress
Virginia Tennis Head Coach Brian Boland has a lot to say about this Cavaliers, including, "There are some teams that could be as good, but I’ve never had a team that was better." Can the Hoos defend their national title?

No. 5 Virginia, No. 10 Notre Dame Lead ACC Hopefuls in the 15th Annual Rowing Championship |
Virginia's won 13 of the first 14 ACC Championships, but Notre Dame has recorded better times this season than Virginia in three of the four events, in each case with the benefit of a tailwind. Tailwind or no, Notre Dame has 10 Big East titles and will be looking to add some ACC hardware to their trophy case. Also, sorry, rowers, that we don't cover your sport enough on this site.

Local college star gives back | Monroe Woodbury NY
Meanwhile, what's Mike Tobey up to this summer? The giant swung by Monroe-Woodbury High School to answer questions of second- and third-graders. Pictured here looking as goofy as ever.

Lastly, in case you missed it on the Twitters, there have been developments -- mostly regressions -- on Teven Jones, who had announced earlier that he would transfer to App State.

He's been radio silent since.

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