UVA Football Slow Jam


Welp, per our SBNation overlords, UVA does not deserve one of those awesome hype videos. Instead....we get slow jams like this one.

(Don't worry guys...when they aren't looking, we'll watch stuff like this again).

If our WRs were wine, which wines would they be?


Pretend all of UVA's wide receivers were bottles of wine...which types of wine would they be? This burning (and total UVA) question was thankfully answered at the blog Wahooze.

With Tim Smith's graduation, Virginia doesn't have much returning stat-wise to their WR corps. But adding Jamil Kamara (Reisling) and Andre Levrone (Chardonnay) at least adds some promise.

They compared running backs to beer before that too. This is fun.

Vegas Odds that include UVA's Kevin Parks

Vegas Odds that include UVA's Kevin Parks:

NCAA 2014-2015 Season - ACC - Who will have more Rushing Yards?
Duke Johnson (Miami) - 3/2
Karlos Williams (Florida State) - 2/1
Trey Edmunds (Virgnia Tech) - 5/2
Kevin Parks (Virginia) - 4/1
Dominique Brown (Louisville) - 9/2

NCAA 2014-2015 Season - ACC - Who will have more Rushing Touchdowns?
Karlos Williams (Florida State) - 7/5
Duke Johnson (Miami) - 2/1
Trey Edmunds (Virgnia Tech) - 11/4
Dominique Brown (Louisville) - 17/4
Kevin Parks (Virginia) - 17/4

Bovada Odds

Lambert studies film on a projector in his room


Lambert: "I went to Walmart and bought some paint that allows you to have a dry erase board on your wall," laughs Lambert. "I draw up all my plays on it. I also have a projector in my room so I can study film."

Greyson Lambert looking to lead Virginia in 2014 | WJCL News

Everything Tony Bennett says is great

+'s Jeff White caught up with Tony Bennett to discuss summer practice. It's nice to hear Tony Bennett saying things again. Basketball season can't be far away!

Bennett discussed the summer workouts, which focused on individual development and were especially productive for the first-years. He also wished Joe Harris and Akil Mitchell well as they look to compete at the next level.

Coach Bennett's main advice to the team's newcomers was to slow down, and not worry about impressing right away. London Perrantes didn't turn many heads in the preseason, and ended the year as one of the conference's top first-years.

Miss St's Baseball Stadium Renovation/Expansion


Miss St announced today that they are overhauling their entire stadium so it will be nicer than many MLB parks. Think it's something UVa should look into?

ACC-Big Ten Challenge Dates/Times Released - UVA vs. UMD Dec. 3rd


The full schedule has been released for the 2014 ACC - Big Ten Challenge. Remember, UVA was stuck with Maryland this year, which is really lame. The teams will square off in College Park on Wednesday, December 3rd, at 9:15 PM in a game broadcast by ESPN2.

Check out the link above for the full schedule. Last year's Challenge ended in a second consecutive 6-6 tie, with UVA suffering a 48-38 home loss to Wisconsin.

UVA Hoops Preseason Top 10 by Sporting News


Hoos come in at No. 8 in the country, but only No. 4 in the ACC. How's that for a stacked conference?

ACC Rings!


Via Devon Hall's instagram. Very cool.

Ye Olde Virginia-Louisville Rivalrye


Hello Future/Current/Forever Rivals! Wrote a post over at our Mothership discussing potential rivalry game themes/trophys/etc. Looking forward to playing y'all and hope you enjoy! We're a pretty welcoming bunch over at Card Chronicle, so feel free to comment there!

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