Ken Pomeroy: Mike Scott is VERY good at basketball

Newsflash! Mike Scott is amazing. This is according to Ken Pomeroy's analysis of's shot location data. Even the most ardent Wahoo fan could be impressed with just how well the numbers shake this out. Pomeroy writes that Scott had the highest mid-range FG% and the highest "long-range 2" % in all of college basketball last season, shooting 53.7% and an absurd 56.0%, respectively. KenPom also brings up a good question - why shoot so times with a heel on the three-point arc? Sure the shots always went in, but could Scott have been more efficient from another foot or two further back? Thanks to @rmj_equals_hero for passing this along.

NCAA Tennis Rules Update: The World is Not Ending

On Tuesday, I spoke about proposed changes to the structure of the NCAA Tennis Championship that had the college tennis world up in arms. The most controversial parts of the plan were changing the third set to a 10-game "super tiebreak" and shortening doubles matches from 8 games to 6. Last night, it was announced that this part of the plan will not be adopted after all. As the Daily Progress's Whitey Reid discusses in the linked article, it seems that the loud and united reaction against the plan was what made the Committee reconsider. This reminds me of discussions last year about extending the field of the NCAA Basketball Tournament to 96 teams; information about the plan was leaked, public reaction was overwhelmingly negative, and the plan was dropped in favor of adding just 4 teams. Likewise, the NCAA will make some minor (and more welcome) changes to streamline the tennis championship. For example, they expect to: • Remove the warm-up with the opponent before singles and doubles; • Reduce the time between singles and doubles to five minutes (currently 10); and • Shorten each changeover from 90 seconds to 60. Fine with me! Full release here.

Seth Davis talks to Tony Bennett about what's to come this season

"Our freshmen will be great one day and not so good the next. That's pretty typical," [Tony Bennett] said. "The key will be whether a few of them will be ready to contribute. We have a lot to replace."

Syracuse Moving to the ACC Q&A: Virginia

I answered some questions that the Syracuse Blog, Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, had teed up for me. I speak only on behalf of myself when I say that Duke sucks. Wait, I'm pretty sure the world agrees.

Former Wahoo Chris Bocklet Signs with Maverik Lacrosse

"Today Maverik Lacrosse added University of Virginia lacrosse great and Denver attackman Chris Bocklet to its elite roster of lacrosse representatives." "I am extremely excited to be a member of the Maverik team" said Bocklet. "Clearly an innovator in the lacrosse industry, I am proud to now be a part of their growth. One thing that separates Maverik from the rest are the people involved. Growing up I have formed some close friendships with great people through Maverik Lacrosse. I could not be more excited to officially join the Maverik family."

2012 Virginia Football Preview. Featuring...Stats!!!

SB Nation's Bill Connelly previews the 2012 Wahoo football squad, using a favorable comparison against the Washington Huskies, picked by many as a Top-25 team. Be sure to check out UVA's statistical profile, linked atop the post, for all sorts of fun projections, charts, and graphs. Still, he concludes with a statement that I think sums it all up: "They are as much of an unknown in 2012 as they were in 2011." Great.

Why Don't More Athletes Take A Stand? takes an in-depth look at Virginia DB Wonman Joseph Williams, who had earlier this year joined in the hunger strike as part of the UVA Living Wage Campaign. However you feel about the campaign, this (very long) article is worth reading, about the struggles of a student-athlete at a top university who decided to take a stand, the pressures that mounted, and what all that entailed.

Inside The Bloggers Unwashed, Unshaven, Studio 2012: Virginia Edition

Tiki joins the folks over at Black Shoe Diaries to answer some easy and hardball questions on this year's Cavalier Football squad. He also skirts the question of whether or not he is a member of the 7 society. Also, can someone please explain to me why Tiki's "word association" response to Tiki Barber was, "Reverse Anne Frank"? I feel like I should know this.

Anderson, Nolte, Tobey figure to be contributors for 2012-2013 UVA squad

It's not just those wearing orange-and-blue glasses who are excited about next year's UVA basketball first-year class. Drew Cannon of Basketball Prospectus has high expectations for Justin Anderson, Evan Nolte, and Mike Tobey, all members of the ESPNU Top 100. Cannon projects the stats we will see next season from each of the three future Hoos (and other new ACCers) in this post on KenPom's site. None of them are expected to eclipse Mike Scott's 100% shooting percentage (or something) from last season, but I'll take it. Hat tip to @rmj_equals_hero for passing this along!


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