Streaking the Lawn ACC Pick 'Em: Week 7

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Get your picks in now!

Time flies when you're having fun - (Wait...were we having fun?) it's time for Week 7

You guys all know the rules by now, but in case you don't: Post your picks for the 6 ACC matchups this week down in the comments. (Remember, we are picking against the spread; if you pick Maryland in the UVA-Maryland matchup, you actually picking them to "cover the spread" and win by more than 7 points, and you're also a terrible person). Here's a link to last week's competition.

At the end of the season, the three commenters with the best records win "Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn" t-shirts! You need to pick 80% of games to qualify for that coveted prize.

Once again, there's no Thursday night ACC game this week, so the deadline for picks is noon on Saturday.

Here are our week 6 picks and comments:

Game Tiki Paul Will Matt T. Caroline Tim Brian L Brian S Sully
BC @ Clemson (-24.5) Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson BC Clemson Clemson Clemson by 30+
Pitt @ VT (-9) VT VPISU VPISU VT Pitt VT VT Pitt VT
Navy @ Duke (-3) Duke Navy Navy Duke Navy Duke Navy Duke Navy
UVA @ Maryland (-7) MD UVa UVa? Maryland UVa Maryland :( UVA :( UVA Welp....MD
Record 34-20-2 33-21-2 31-23-2 30-24-2 28-26-2 28-26-2 28-26-2 24-30-2 3-4-0

And here's the STL consensus, along with our game thoughts:

Game Consensus Comments (Consensus)
BC @ Clemson (-24.5) Clemson BC's lone road game was a 35-7 loss to a bad USC team. Clemson is a lot better than USC. -PG
Pitt @ VT (-9) VT The Hokies have appared to shake off their early season struggles with impressive wins over GT and UNC. Can they do to Pitt what UVA did...while actually scoring points?
Navy @ Duke (-3) Navy Thank goodness that the Midshipman are allowed to play through the government shutdown so they can embarass the ACC even more!
GT @ BYU (-7) BYU BYU wins...but we probably want GT to win for RPI reasons, since we may play both, but have more mutual opponents with GT and...oh, wrong sport
Syracuse @ NCSU (-6.5) NCSU A little skittish about picking NCSU after an awful letdown last week, but I'll give the points, since they're back at home this time
UVA @ Maryland (-7) UVA Well, this wasn't the most overwhelming "consensus" ever. Picking Maryland to beat UVA is disgusting, guys.

Finally, here are your standings to date.  Good luck all!

Participant Last Week Overall % Correct % Picked*
JJuva13 4-3 33-17-2 66% 93%
KCCOlgate 4-3 27-14-2 66% 77%
bwc3s 5-2 31-23-2 57% 100%
STLEdge 0-0 19-15-2 56% 64%
phillyhoosfan 4-3 30-24-2 56% 100%
MEllisUVA 5-2 28-26-2 52% 100%
Ben_Ford 5-2 20-20-2 50% 75%
Jaeckle 5-2 18-14-1 56% 59%
CavaHoos14 0-0 14-16-1 47% 55%
Stupac8908 0-0 17-8-2 68% 48%
willsworldmn 4-3 15-12-0 56% 48%
Nic.Skirpan 0-0 12-10-1 55% 41%
SurfingWahoo 0-0 8-5-0 62% 23%
The_Superhoo 0-0 7-6-0 54% 23%
CvilleBengal 0-0 6-7-0 46% 23%
Addison H. 0-0 6-3-1 67% 18%
EmceeG 0-0 6-3-1 67% 18%
alyons3188 0-0 5-4-1 56% 18%
Grevercomb 5-2 5-2-0 71% 13%
Overall 46-41-10 307-229-22 57% 52%

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