Streaking the Lawn ACC Pick 'Em: Week 9

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Yes, there's more football to be watched

Not only did UVA have another bad week...but so did all of us here. Yikes!

You guys all know the rules by now, but in case you don't: Post your picks for the 7 ACC matchups this week down in the comments - there is no line on the Pitt/ODU game. (Remember, we are picking against the spread; if you pick VT in the VT-Duke matchup, you actually picking them to "cover the spread" and win by more than 13.5 points. If you pick VT and you didn't pick may just be a Hokie). Here's a link to last week's competition.

At the end of the season, the three commenters with the best records win "Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn" t-shirts! You need to pick 80% of games to qualify for that coveted prize.

No Thursday nighter this week, so picks are due at noon Saturday.

Here are our week 8 picks and comments:

Game Paul Tiki Will Matt T. Tim Brian L Caroline Brian S Sully Consensus
Wake Forest @ Miami (-23.5) Miami Miami Wake Forest Wake Forest Miami Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest
Pittsburgh (-6) @ Navy Navy Navy Pitt Pitt Pitt Navy Pitt Navy -
Clemson (-14) @ Maryland Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson
Duke @ VT (-13.5) Duke VT VPISU VT VT Duke Duke VT (they aren't us) VT
GT (-10) @ Virginia GT GT UVa GT GT UVA UVA GT GT
Record 38-27-2 37-28-2 36-29-2 33-32-2 33-32-2 33-32-2 32-33-2 29-36-2 7-11-0 33-32-2
% 58.46% 56.92% 55.38% 50.77% 50.77% 50.77% 49.23% 44.62% 38.89% 50.77%

Game Consensus Comment
Wake Forest @ Miami (-23.5) Wake Forest After covering (and beating) Maryland last week, we'll ride the Demon Deacon train again with a big spread against Miami
Pittsburgh (-6) @ Navy - Duke beat up on Navy a couple weeks back...but this one is in Annapolis. Will Pitt do the same? We can't agree.
NCSU @ Florida State (-31.5) FSU So apparently people were impressed with FSU's pummeling the nation's #3 team on the road. Enough to cover 31.5 points?! Why not!
Clemson (-14) @ Maryland Clemson Clemson will take out their anger from last week at Maryland. Remember when Clemson used to cover giant spreads each week? 14 should do.
BC @ UNC (-7) UNC After taking it to Miami, UNC should cover, even on a non-Zero Dark an all-around less embarassing setting
Duke @ VT (-13.5) VT Sorry everyone, I had Duke here...but...I guess beating Duke isn't hard for everyone
GT (-10) @ Virginia GT Sorry everyone, I had the Hoos here...but...I guess the rest of the STL team isn't as loyal

And here are your standings to date:

Participant Last Week Overall % Correct % Picked*
KCCOlgate 2-3 31-21-2 60% 81%
JJuva13 0-5 36-25-2 59% 94%
bwc3s 2-2 33-25-2 57% 90%
phillyhoosfan 2-2 36-28-2 56% 99%
STLEdge 2-3 24-21-2 53% 70%
MEllisUVA 2-3 32-33-2 49% 100%
Jaeckle 1-4 21-22-1 49% 66%
Ben_Ford 1-4 24-27-2 47% 79%
CavaHoos14 0-0 14-16-1 47% 46%
Stupac8908 0-0 17-8-2 68% 40%
willsworldmn 0-0 15-12-0 56% 40%
Nic.Skirpan 0-0 12-10-1 55% 34%
The_Superhoo 3-2 10-8-0 56% 27%
SurfingWahoo 0-0 8-5-0 62% 19%
CvilleBengal 0-0 6-7-0 46% 19%
Addison H. 0-0 6-3-1 67% 15%
EmceeG 0-0 6-3-1 67% 15%
alyons3188 0-0 5-4-1 56% 15%
Grevercomb 0-0 5-2-0 71% 10%
Overall 15-28 341-280-22 55% 51%
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