Streaking the Lawn ACC Pick 'Em: Week 10

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Still football season? Still football season.

Yep, sorry guys. It may feel like basketball season...but we have to keep doing this.

You guys all know the rules by now, but in case you don't: Post your picks for the 6 ACC matchups this week down in the comments - there is no line on the Pitt/ODU game. (Remember, we are picking against the spread; if you pick UVA in the UVA-Clemson matchup, you actually picking them to "cover the spread" and lose by less than 17 points and are a good Hoo. Here's a link to last week's competition.

At the end of the season, the three commenters with the best records win "Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn" t-shirts! You need to pick 80% of games to qualify for that coveted prize.

No Thursday nighter this week, so picks are due at noon Saturday.

Here are our week 10 picks and comments:

Game Paul Tiki Will Tim Brian L Brian S Sully Consensus
Wake Forest @ Cuse (-3.5) Wake Wake Wake Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Wake Wake
Pitt @ GT (-10) GT GT GT GT GT GT GT GT
Miami @ FSU (-22) Miami FSU Miami Miami Miami Miami FSU Miami
Clemson (-17) @ UVA Clemson Clemson Clemson UVA UVA UVA Clemson Clemson
Record 41-30-3 40-31-3 38-33-3 36-35-3 34-37-3 31-40-3 10-14-1 36-34-3
% 57.75% 56.34% 53.52% 50.70% 47.89% 43.66% 41.67% 51.43%

Game Consensus Comment
VT (-5) @ BC VT Vegas is pretty down on the Hokies, and they do suck, but this is the same BC team that was hammered at UNC, not powerhouse Duke
UNC (-3.5) @ NCSU UNC Who woulda thought that this game would determine the state's worst ACC team?
Wake Forest @ Cuse (-3.5) Wake This game is thoroughly boring. When in doubt, pick the home team
Pitt @ GT (-10) GT If they could beat us by 10 on the road, while turning the ball over 5 times...they should be able to do it again at home
Miami @ FSU (-22) Miami The fact that Florida State is favored by 22 points against the #7 team in the nation is amazing. Hate to pick against them...but that's a ton
Clemson (-17) @ UVA Clemson LETS GO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. (Didn't wanna think about this game any deeper)

And your standings after 9 weeks:

Participant Last Week Overall % Correct % Picked*
KCCOlgate 2-3 34-24-3 59% 82%
JJuva13 0-5 39-28-3 58% 95%
bwc3s 2-2 35-29-3 55% 91%
phillyhoosfan 2-2 37-33-3 53% 99%
STLEdge 2-3 25-26-3 49% 73%
MEllisUVA 2-3 34-37-3 48% 100%
Jaeckle 1-4 25-24-2 51% 69%
Ben_Ford 1-4 26-31-3 46% 81%
CavaHoos14 0-0 14-16-1 47% 42%
Stupac8908 0-0 17-8-2 68% 36%
willsworldmn 0-0 15-12-0 56% 36%
Nic.Skirpan 0-0 12-10-1 55% 31%
The_Superhoo 3-2 10-8-0 56% 24%
SurfingWahoo 0-0 8-5-0 62% 18%
CvilleBengal 0-0 6-7-0 46% 18%
Addison H. 0-0 6-3-1 67% 14%
EmceeG 0-0 6-3-1 67% 14%
alyons3188 0-0 5-4-1 56% 14%
Grevercomb 0-0 7-6-1 54% 19%
Overall 15-28 361-314-31 53% 50%
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