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A Wahoo's Guide to Pittsburgh

Wondering what to do when you road trip to our new ACC brethren? Wonder no more. Come, sip from the cup of knowledge and go boldly into western Pennsylvania.

The Dana O'Neil Flip Flop


"I can't fault Maryland and Rutgers in this one... So if you're a financially strapped athletic department like Maryland and someone dangles the Big Ten Network cash register in front of you, you go. If you're a dying-to-win homecoming queen but are a destined-for-princess school like Rutgers and someone wants you (other than your crumbling league), you go. "

Podcast So Dear Episode 3: September 13, 2012


Don't call it a comeback! PSD is finally back with a third episode! In this episode, SamuraiFoochs (Matt), BJohnston (Bart), and Robert Reinhard discuss Notre Dame joining the ACC and the...

Thursday Morning Linkage

Get caught up on the talk of the town!

Notre Dame Apparently Headed To The ACC (For All But Football, Hockey)

Updated with SB Nation link. I guess the idea of playing basketball against the likes of SMU and Houston didn't sit well in South Bend. The first info I saw on this subjecthttp://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/8369070/notre-dame-sports-football-hockey-acc came from ESPN's Brett McMurphy, who has a good track record with this sort of thing. While I've been expecting a move like this for some time (based on message board chatter), I didn't quite expect it today. The Fighting Irish will now see a sizable chunk of its football schedule filled with ACC opposition (5 games according to McMurphy). Plus, they'll join fellow ACC rival Boston College in Hockey East. (Note the ACC will need four more teams to sponsor hockey as a conference, a big number, but not too sizable.) The big question is when this move happens, given the Big East's 27-month notice requirement. But, hey, it's not like Notre Dame would have much issue getting past that hurdle financially. Another is if football joins the conference down the road at some point, perhaps when the NBC money runs out.

FTRS Roundtable: What Has Happened To Our Favorite Sport, College Football?


Conference expansion talk just won't go away. We've passed the point of no return. The FTRS guys got together to discuss the issue: LilBroey700 - At the end of last week, the Chairman of the Board...

Monday Afternoon Rumor Mill: Where I guarantee that you didn't see this coming


via rcp.roslynschools.org This likely won't be a consistent, daily feature, but as relevant rumors worth noting (recruiting-related and otherwise) come up I'll probably throw one up. Because who...

How Involved Was ESPN In ACC Expansion Into The Big East?


How Involved Was ESPN In ACC Realignment And Expansion Into The Big East?

Monday Open Thread: Realignment Talk


Open Thread for conference realignment discussions today

TEN MORE Teams Want to Join the ACC: Who are they?


After Pittsburgh and Syracuse multiple schools are not asking to get into the ACC. Discuss the list.

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