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The Boeheimeter - Syracuse is Bad Company

The Boeheimeter breaks down the performance of Syracuse in the Orange's 88-72 win at NC State.

The OFD 2010 Bowl Preview Part II- Getting Better

Okay, so that first round of Bowl Games was less than spectacular but there are still 26 contests to go. Let’s hope this next batch of games picks up the pace a little bit. In this installment...

Week 9 National Wrap Up- And Then There Were Five

With Michigan State and Missouri both getting knocked off this weekend there are now only 5 undefeated teams remaining. Oregon and Auburn both appear to control their own destinies while Boise...

Week 9 National Preview- The Stretch Run

Okay here comes the stretch run. The Fighting Irish are parked at a disappointing 4-4 after an ugly loss to Navy but as our own Eric Murtaugh reminded me this week, where you have been is always...

Week 5 National Wrap Up- Clarity

OK so it isn’t full blown clarity but in the wake of a handful of big games in week 5 the list of BCS Championship contenders was definitely trimmed down a bit. Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon all...

Week 5 National Preview- Elimination Round

So now that we have screwed around for a month with buy games and a few interesting non-conference tilts we kick off October by jumping right into an elimination round. The Big 12, Pac 10 and SEC...

Week 4 National Wrap Up- September Closeout

September is now in the books and the buy games that pad stats and the win column of many teams are now pretty much over. Despite the overall lack of intriguing matchups in September I think that...

Week 4 National Preview- Less Is More

And then we hit week number four. In typical early season fashion I have attempted to watch just about every game that has been televised these last three weeks in an effort to get a better feel...

Week 3 National Wrap Up- Shoot Me

"Shoot me." Seconds after Michigan State’s Charlie Gantt caught a pass from holder Aaron Bates and scampered to the endzone for the game winning touchdown that was all that I could think of to...

Week 3 National Preview- Morning Off

Has your significant other been on your case about being glued to the television the past two Saturdays? Don’t sweat it, the powers that be have got you covered this weekend. The early games are...

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