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About StreakingtheLawn is not the first, nor will it be the last, news source promoting the University of Virginia's athletics athletics programs, but it does strive to be among the best.  It was founded with the notion in mind that while most people enjoy reading about football and basketball, there is a severe dearth of information out there about the Olympic sports, many of whom are often more successful than our "revenue" sports.

But why stop there?  When STL was founded, it came with the concept that we could sit here all day long writing sports articles and tossing them online, and even slapping some ads up here and seeing a stream of revenue come on.  But what's the point in that?  We have full-time day jobs that pay us just fine enough (a raise never hurt though, I guess).

Enter, a website founded not only to address the lack of attention the school's Olympic sports receives, but also to generate a revenue to be donated to various charities that are of interest to the Charlottesville and University of Virginia communities.  While the charities may differ from year to year, or even from month to month, the idea is the same.  We all love UVA and Charlottesville, and are doing what we can to support those organizations that serve these communities and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the articles we provide, that you get your daily Wahoo Nation fix as a result, and that you learn something new about a sport you've never followed before.  If so, we encourage you to visit this site regularly and support our pending sponsors.  It is only through your generous support that we may continue this project and help those around us.