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Sixers Lose Golden Opportunity

Sean SingletaryThe Philadelphia Sixers lost out on a golden opportunity today when they decided to waive Sean Singletary off their roster. Sean was given just over 10 minutes of playing time in a preseason game vs. the Toronto Raptors. Unfortunately, he was unable to seize on the moment, as he was unable to find the basket, but managed to give up three personal fouls. He was able to make a steal off a bad pass, but was generous enough to return the favor later in the game.

You gotta really feel for the guy. Here he is, a slightly undersized guard trying to make it in the big leagues. He's got all the best motivators around him in Steve Nash and Shaq and Roger Mason, Jr. And yet he can't seem to catch his break.

So I don't know what's next for Singletary, and chances are, neither does he. I suspect he will be spending some time in his hometown Philly, looking after his mother and what have you. But who knows what's next? After learning this news, Singletary tweets:

@SeanSingletary: when u get a flat.. thro that doughnut on n keep rollin