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Official Site Launch!

Today, October 19, 2009, marks the official site launch of, your go-to-source for Virginia sports -- reports, analysis, and on occassion, witty commentary. To find out what the driving force behind is, read about it here. In short, this is a non-profit project that strives to give you live and timely updates on everything Wahoo. It will also in the very near future start attempting to generate a revenue through sponsorships, sales, and anything else legal, which would then be donated to a charity of interest to the Charlottesville, UVA, and Virginia Athletics communities.

We think this is unique compared to the other sports media and blog sites out there, and hope that you agree and will take the time to support our sponsors or, if you're feeling particularly generous, donate.

But in the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy looking around and reading up on some of the articles that are already up. If you are interested in writing for this site, especially (but not exclusively) if you're totally into the Olympic sports, we would love your help. Just email the editor!