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CHokies Cause of Their Own Demise

Virginia Tech ChokiesWell, Virginia Tech has spent the last four and a half days cursing Cavalier Nation. I mean, more than usual. Because they weren't competent enough to seal their own deal by beating Georgia Tech, they once again relied on UVA to bail them out and save them from their own sinking ship. But no, not us. We will not do the Hokies' dirty work. And boy did that make their fans mad. Fight For Old DC, a DC sports blog that apparently thinks that Virginia Tech is the DC college team rather than Virginia or, more likely the case, Maryland, had some nasty words for us. More after the jump.

The Miz, who I think is unrelated to THE one and only Miz, had this to say to Virginia:

Dear Stupid Wahoos,

You know, you hadn't lost to the Yellow Jackets at home in 19 years. Shocker that you choked on your own ascots when we needed you to come through for us. Guess what? We're bringing the pain. November 28th, you're dead. Cavman will not have any adventures that day, except the one where he's getting bent over in the locker room. Your little odyssey to end the five year losing streak to us? Just drop it. You don't stand a chance. Mikell Simpson, or whatever stupid way you spell his name, is going to have -39 yards rushing. The seven quarterbacks you use? They might as well be a part of a funeral march, because they're only there to watch the offense die. Al Groh will poop his fanny pack after Bud Foster rams it down his throat.

Eat it jerks.


The Hokies

Choked? No one choked here. We saw how ungrateful you were when our president pushed for your invitation to join the ACC. So why would we help you out again?

Tonight's game against North Carolina, on Hokie turf nonetheless, proves our point once again. Had we taken the liberty to flex our muscles and trounce Georgia Tech and continue our little streak, you would have once again taken our good charity and poopooed on it. Yeah I just said poopoo on a sports site. What's your point?

Final score: Tar Heels 20. Hokies 17. So once again we learn that Virginia Tech spends too much time relying on their bigger, badder, better looking (not to mention smarter, more cultured, etc.) counterparts down the road, and too much time spent on misplaced anger, rather than taking a quick minute for some introspection.

This is the same Carolina team that Virginia beat 16-3, on the road, just for the record.