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Breaking: Sean Singletary Signs 2009-10 Contract!

Sean Singletary, courtesy UVa Media RelationsFormer UVA all-star Sean Singletary has officially signed with a professional team. While he's played for the Phoenix Suns and the Charlotte Bobcats (and, for two weeks, the Philadelphia 76ers), this time it's not for the NBA. Instead, according to El Correo, Singletary signed on November 10 with Caja Laboral Baskonia, a Spanish club in the ACB and Euroleague leagues.

According to El Correo, Singletary has signed for a year (it's tough for my spotty Spanish skills to decipher if it is a year or only until June), but the club has the option to cut him within the first two months. Singletary is really seizing upon an opportunity here, as this opening was just created with injury of Marcelinho Huertas. The rest of the team is in a spotty shape, as they have many injuries, players trying to adapt to new positions, and other players with expiring contracts and waning chances of extension.

It looks like Sean will have a pretty good chance of starting from the get-go, and while I clearly don't know much about this club, it looks like this is a good opportunity for him to just get out on the court. It's a shame the NBA is letting him go, as I think that, despite his size, he would make a good long-term investment for any team. Especially the Knicks. Come to NY, Sean! I digress.

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