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Injury Report vs. BC

Injury ReportThe injury report for Saturday's football contest vs. Boston College is up. We've got fewer injuries, it seems, than what is normal, and most of our guys are probable, including Javaris Brown, Aaron Clark and Matt Conrath. However, there's one huge question mark involved.

Who is our quarterback gonna be?


Raynard Horne (back)
Quintin Hunter (ankle)

Darren Childs (neck)
Jameel Sewell (shoulder)
Marc Verica (head)

Javaris Brown (ankle)
Aaron Clark (knee)
Matt Conrath (ankle)
Colter Phillips (leg)

All remaining players on the Virginia roster are available to participate. Please note the status of an injured student-athlete’s ability to participate can increase or decrease between the time this report is issued and game time.

Probable = Virtual certainty will be available for normal duty
Questionable = 50-50 chance will not play
Doubtful = At least 75% chance will not play
Out = Definitely will not play