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Injury Report vs. Miami

Injury ReportTomorrow's injury report is out, and it's not a pretty sight. So many of our power players are on the list. Matt Conrath moved up to Questionable this week, meaning he's a coinflip. Nate Collins, Rashawn Jackson, and Zane Parr all find themselves on the Probable list (which essentially means they will play). The good news is that Mikell Simpson is not on the list, meaning he'll be in full action on Saturday. The bad news...after the jump

The full list is below. Take a look for yourself.


Jameel Sewell (shoulder)

Aaron Clark (knee)
Matt Conrath (ankle)

Nate Collins (hip)
Steve Greer (shoulder)
Rashawn Jackson (arm)
Zane Parr (knee)
Brandon Woods (shoulder)

All remaining players on the Virginia roster are available to participate. Please note the status of an injured student-athlete¹s ability to participate can increase or decrease between the time this report is issued and game time.

Probable = Virtual certainty will be available for normal duty
Questionable = 50-50 chance will not play
Doubtful = At least 75% chance will not play
Out = Definitely will not play

You see the bad news -- I don't need to point it out. But that won't make for very good analysis. So, I'll just say it. Jameel Sewell. There's only a 25% chance, at most, that he'll be gracing the field with his presence on Saturday. With Virginia (and really, any team), it's tough to take this at face value, and unless he's on the OUT list, he'll probably make an appearance.

But if he doesn't, who will we see under center? Technically, Marc Verica is our backup QB. But he can be slightly streaky -- sometimes he's bad, sometimes he's just okay. Don't be surprised if you find Vic Hall back under center. On this week's ACC coaches' teleconference, one reporter asked if Vic Hall ever takes any snaps in practice, and if he could be an emergency quarterback if necessary. Groh's response? "That's very much a likelihood that [he] could be, yes."

Kickoff is at noon on Saturday. Of the past five matchups between the two teams, four of them have been decided by just ten points or less. The exception? You got it. The 2007 rout of Miami, 48-0, to close out the Orange Bowl.