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Virginia vs. UAB - Live Tweeting @TheUVAFool

UVA BasketballLivetweeting to begin at 7:00 p.m. for the big, untelevised matchup vs. No. 24 UAB tonight. The likely starters are Calvin Baker, Assane Sene, Sammy Zeglinski, Sylven Landesberg and Will Sherrill. Coach Bennett says that Mike Scott may play, but is still not at 100% yet.

I will be at work and in and out of my office, as it's a crazy night, but I'll update my Twitter to the extent that I can. Coach Bennett calls this "a test that's needed to see where we're at. You can't just wonder where you're at, you gotta sometimes, "Okay let's put it out there" and go against a high caliber team, and that's what we're gonna do."

This is a huge game for Virginia, and could provide the much-needed confidence boost the Cavaliers are looking for before heading into ACC play. A loss won't kill Virginia, but it will add to an already trying season.