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50% Off Cavalier Team Shop Items!

We generally try not to throw advertisements in your face, but with the holidays coming up and everyone itching to do some early shopping this year, we thought this is too good of an opportunity to pass up on. Until Monday, November 29, the Cavalier Team Shop is offering a pretty massive sale on almost everything they've got in store! Click to peruse the sale yourself, or click through to find a few great examples. Please do use the links on the site, as a small portion of your order will help us maintain Streaking the Lawn and keep giving you with online coverage of all things VIRGINIA.

Basketball season is pretty much in full swing, and Tony Bennett and the boys want you to help pack John Paul Jones Arena! That's why we found this tshirt deal to be pretty awesome (also available in gray):

Basketball T-Shirt

Regular $20.00 SALE $11.00

How about sprucing up that Christmas tree this year with this swanky set of four UVA ornaments?


Regular $10.00 SALE $4.00

Even all the hot Nike sweatshirts, jackets, tshirts, etc. are on sale, like this slick one here:


Regular $70.00 SALE $35.00

Anyway, enough of that. Check out the sale. Make a purchase or two. Your purchases not only benefit the student-athletes by way of Virginia Athletics, but a small portion also benefits Streaking the Lawn. So we'd appreciate it!