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SB Nation Upgrades with Addition of Virginia Cavaliers

Alright, Virginia fans. It's the moment you've all been waiting for. We know what you're thinking. Everyday you wake up, you check Twitter, you head over to SB Nation, and you look to see if maybe, just maybe those guys have gotten their act together and realized that, like TheFacebook, they should have added Virginia as one of the premier schools to have a page. And every day, you close down your laptop and head to the brush your teeth, depressed...feeling a little empty, even. Well guess what? Your day has come. Just in time to witness both the London Era and Bennett's Boys, Streaking the Lawn has hit the SB Nation scene and we are ready to rock your world.

Unlike many of the other SB Nation blogs, Streaking the Lawn realizes that there's more to college athletics than football and basketball. They're certainly a huge part, but Virginia finished third in the Director's Cup last year, and quite frankly, we think think that the Olympic sports deserve great recognition for the results they've produced (this would be an appropriate time to remind you to make your annual VAF donations, folks, and remember you can donate it to a specific sport).

I've been writing for Streaking the Lawn since October 2009, and I'm excited that we're taking our game to the next level by joining the SB Nation network, which will provide this site with better coverage, multimedia access, fan interaction, and a whole slew of other things you never even dreamed was possible.

Pro quality. Fan prospective. That's what this site is all about. Sit tight, relax, and enjoy your ride as Cavalier Football and Basketball rise to glory while the other Virginia programs stay at the top. It's going to feel good.