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Virginia at Minnesota: A Tweecap

Sometimes, it's difficult to make it to a TV to watch a game. Other times, you force yourself not to watch your team because some people may believe that you are a "curse" on the team. Whatever the reason, Twitter has come to make all of our lives easier by having what amounts to live play-by-plays at our fingertips.

But it's also just downright entertaining. In our inaugural Tweecap, we give you the Twitter recap of the Virginia upset of No. 15 Minnesota so that you can relive the emotion. [With commentary.]

@VirginiaSports: Greetings from Williams Arena -- The Barn -- where most seats are still empty as tipoff nears. The 6 p.m. start (local) is early. JW [Official greeting!]

@lambethfield: Gear Up Hoos! [Virginia with that pre-game optimism buzz]

@willcampbell45: Alright, are we going to lose by 5 or 15? Odds are they will shoot like 85% from the field [But some fans are a bit cynical]

@willsworldmn: This is what happens when you leave blake hoffarber open. [Things are not starting off well.]

@scacchoops: Minnesota up 20-9 on Virginia, the Virginia offense has been really bad, just an off eff of 60 for the Wahoos [Things are really not starting off well.]

@HairyJew4Life: Farrakhan on fire...too bad we can't stop anyone [This is the part where Virginia fans can clearly see that some things are going well, but there's too much going awry to appreciate it.]

@willcampbell45: Live and die by the 3.......I've seen this before and I dont like how it works out [Here we have our cynical Virginia fan again...he's actually an STL writer.]

@TheUVAFool: Anyone surprised here? RT @willsworldmn: Sene should have rebounded the missed ft. Went right through his hands. [I have my fair share of cynicism.]

@Wahoos247: Minnesota leads UVa, 39-29, at the half. [There is no emotion here because it hurts too much to think about it.]

@willsworldmn: What did I say about leaving hoffarber open? [Second half starting off just about as well as the first half did - which is to say, not.]

@SeanDKennedy: Wow! #UVA is 8-of-9 on 3-pointers. Minnesota's lead down to 7. 47-40.

@willsworldmn: Cavs cut it to five. Panic is ensuing. [You feel the tide turning?]

@ACCSports: Don't look now, but UVa down just 47-42 at No. 13 Minnesota. Helps when you shoot 80% or so from 3-point range. [He knows he is jinxing Virginia by saying this. But he does not care. For he is media.]

@SeanDKennedy: #UVA is one defensive stop from tying this thing up.

@HairyJew4Life: OMG FARRAKHAN!!! Not even hitting the rim. Straight nylon

@willcampbell45 WILL SHERRILL TAKES THE LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN SHOOT!!!!!!!!!! [Abusing caps lock. Moments later...]

@willcampbell45: Then we lose it again :(

@willcampbell45: Sene has a long rebound hit his hands and doesnt catch it........#shocker [I am not the only one who questions Assane Sene's baller status.]

@ACCSports: Uh oh, Will Sherrill just had all of Iverson's weight land on his right knee. This looks bad.

@ACCSports: So if you're scoring at home, Sene knocked rebound out of bounds, knocked Iverson into Sherrill and seemed totally unaware Sherrill was hurt [I told you so, re: Sene.]

@SeanDKennedy: Sherrill was the hot hand here in the second half. Didn't look good for him. [Mass panic ensuing -- momentum shift on the horizon]

@willsworldmn: sene with the block!? [Bafflement.]

@ACCSports: 57-52 UVa, 9:55 to go. Yes, you read that correctly.

@willcampbell45: BUT SENE CAN DRAIN THE FREE THROWS [Continued abuse of caps lock.]

@notetosarah: McManvoice doesn't know what to think of this turnaround #Hoos [Every good game needs an attack on the commentators. 90% of them are deserved. This one I think falls into that category.]

@Wahoos247: Sene completely stuffs Iverson. Wow! UVa leads Minnesota, 61-54, with 7:16 to play in the 2nd.

@ACCSports: Dear god, Sene w/ the spike on Iverson's shot. He swatted that thing straight down. Wow.

@willcampbell45: ASSANE SENE DOES SOMETHING RIGHT HOOOOOLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY COW [As you might imagine, the previous three tweets were concurrent.]

@dave_phillips7: @ACCSports you guys shouldn't be trashing Sene, so glad he did somethings to shut you and Will up. #justsayin

@SeanDKennedy: TEN point lead for #UVA! 6:28 left. [Hysteria.]

@BIGN98: Salad! Hell nah I don't want no salad! Lmfao #weak [Remember, not everyone on your Twitter feed will be watching the game. Not even former UVa tackle Nate Collins.]

@willsworldmn: Say what you want about sene, but his defense has been big the second half. [Ok, Ok, let's not get carried away here.]

@MoCov: My UVA boys Basketball team is ballin right now on Minnesota... #gohoos [But former UVa Wide Receiver Maurice Covington is!]

@notetosarah: Mike Scott rejected. #SMH #Hoos [Twitter jokes! In your FACE, Mike Scott!]

@notetosarah: that's right, wind the clock down...

@dbj_zero: Aight fellas.. Lets stop playing not to lose and keep playing to win [Former UVa walk-on Doug Browman rooting on his team]

@fletcherjones: REBOUND, SENE. #UVA

@ACCSports: For the love of god UVa get a defensive rebound. 73-67. 1:50 [As one might suspect, Gophers are climbing back at this point and Cavalier fans are thinking, "Here we go again."]

@JMU2012: And the Minn head for the exits...nice upset road win for the Hoos. OH GOD A DEEEEEEP 3 [Sometimes thoughts interrupt us mid-tweet. Also, that's what she said?]

@notetosarah: That good old song of Wahoowah - we'll sing it o'er and o'er... [Premature celebration, an 8-point lead with 42 seconds left on the clock at this point -- a serious no-no]

@fletcherjones: #UVA WINS #UVA WINS #UVA WINS #ACC WINS [Nowww you can celebrate.]

@willcampbell45: We make the tournament automatically now right? [Cynical / Sarcastic Hoo is back.]

@theACC: Great win for Virginia! Cavaliers knock off #13 Minnesota on the road to give the ACC an early 1-0 edge in the #ACC /Big Ten Challenge! [Reppin' the ACC!]

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed following the roller coaster ride that is Virginia basketball.