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Virginia Comes in Fifth in Midseason Directors' Cup Standings

The midseason fall standings for the DI Learfield Sports Directors' Cup have been released, and with a total of 155 points, Virginia is currently fifth in the standings. Florida State tops the list with 180 points, followed by Syracuse (168), Princeton (159) and Stanford (156).

The standings to date only take into account men's cross country, women's cross country, and field hockey and do not include points from football, men's and women's soccer, volleyball and water polo. Virginia will be earning points from the two soccer programs.

Virginia's points come from a 3rd place finish in field hockey (83 points), 17th in men's cross country (40 points) and 21st in women's cross country (32 points).

Last year at this midseason standings release, Virginia had amassed 173 points, as a result of a 3rd place finish in field hockey and 15th place finishes in men's and women's cross country (45 points each). The Cavaliers will finish this fall season slightly behind in points totals as compared to last year, when Virginia finished 9th in women's soccer and took home the national championship in men's soccer. The Cavaliers this year finished also 9th in women's soccer, but had an early first-round exit in the men's soccer tournament, finishing 33rd.

Virginia Tech competes in men's and women's cross country but failed to garner points in either. The Hokies do not have a field hockey squad.

The full release and standings are here (PDF). The next Division I standings will be released on Thursday, December 16.