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Hiccup: Virginia suffers first home loss to Seattle, 59-53.

Stop me if you've heard this one before: The defense held its own, but the offense simply failed to the produce.

Wait. It's basketball season for the 'Hoos, isn't it? That appears to be the same storyline we used for most of the football season this year. But after a 59-53 home loss against the Seattle Redhawks (who?), the Cavaliers fall to 8-4 on the season. It marked Virginia's first home loss this season.

Perhaps the players were just looking forward to winter break. Or perhaps game the product of some serious fundamnetals that head coach Tony Bennett needs to change.

"I see some of our limitations," Bennett said. "I know we're playing it pretty close to the vest. We have to be really good in the little areas, like we had to against Norfolk State. We've been fortunate, and we took one on the chin. You better look in the mirror and say, ‘Okay. Let's get back to trying to do the little things we always say.' Eliminate losing."

The loss marked Virginia's first home loss of the season and the breaking of a five-game win streak that include solid victories over No. 13 Minnesota and a very talented Virginia Tech team.

The stat that sums it up: Virginia shot a mere 30.2% from the field, 10% from behind the arc. The three-point shooting is the worst shooting percentage since the Cavaliers failed to hit any in 13 tries back in December 2005 against Georgia Tech.

ACC Rookie of the Week KT Harrell led the team with 16 points, followed by senior Mike Scott, who returned today after having arthroscopic surgery last Thursday, with 12 points.

Call it a hiccup. I wouldn't use Wednesday night's (or Monday night's for that matter) performance as predictor for how the season to come. In fact, the next three games -- the final nonconference games for the Hoos this season -- will probably be a wild ride for Cavaliers fans.