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The Third Basemen

Stephen Proscia, courtesy Associated PressOf all the positions for the Cavaliers, third base has the least amount of depth. Having said that, the depth is a returning freshman All-American. 

Steven Proscia returns for his 2nd year looking to improve on a tremendous breakout first year that he had that included locking down the third base position and establishing himself in the middle of the Cavalier lineup. The problem is that he is coming off of a hand surgery that kept him out this fall and didn't allow him to do much baseball related activities.

I don't see that holding down Stephen very long because he is one of the strongest and hardest working players on the UVa roster. Proscia's football background out of the High School powerhouse of Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey gives him the never quit attitude that Coach MacMullen and O'Connor love. 

Backing up Steven will likely be 1st year Chris Taylor. Chris had a great fall and will look to make a strong impact for this first year class.