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Beyond the Academical Village: Q&A with Sean Singletary

Former Virginia Great Sean SingletaryWe recently had the opportunity to catch up with former Virginia Cavalier Sean Singletary, who currently plays for Caja Laboral in the Spanish ACB League, by and far the dominant European league. Without a doubt, Singletary is one of the greatest players to have graced the hardwood at Virginia, and in an exclusive StreakingtheLawn interview, he tells us that he's just got one thing on his mind: the NBA.

While at Virginia, Singletary was named to the All-ACC Freshman team for his 2004-05 performance and was named first team All-ACC during his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons. During his junior season, he was named third team All-American (and was the first Cavalier since Ralph Sampson to receive All-American recognition), and was given honorable mention his senior season. He is one of only three ACC players to have achieved 2,000 career points, 500 career assists, and 400 career rebounds. He is the only ACC player to be able to add 200 career steals to that list.

Singletary was drafted in the second round as the 42nd overall pick, to the Sacramento Kings. After several trades, he has played in games with the Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Bobcats and most recently, his hometown team, the Philadelphia 76ers. His jersey was retired during his final regular season home game on March 9, 2008, and his number 44 was retired the following season.

StreakingtheLawn: First off, how do you like playing with Caja Laboral in what many call the ACC of Europe? Has it been easy to adjust?

Sean Singletary: It was a difficult adjustment at first. The game is a lot slower over here...There is also a lot less space so it forces you to be a lot more tactical in your approach offensively.

Sean Singletary at Caja LaboralSTL: Right off the bat when you arrived in Spain, you had the Number One play in Week 6's Top 10 Euroleague plays. That must have felt good.

SS: Yea it felt good. I have had three top plays since I been here. Even though I haven't been playing as much as I'd like to, when I get an opportunity I am still exciting!

STL: You still working on your game to return to the NBA, right? What do you see as the most important steps in your game that you need to take in order to sign with an NBA team?

SS: Yea I will be back soon. [Smiling] I'm learning a lot about the game that I hadn't learned in school. And with added skills and intelligence I think I'll be pretty difficult to pass up.

STL: You and J.R. Reynolds were one of the best backcourts in the ACC, if not the country. J.R. is playing in Italy right now, do you ever get a chance to see him or any other former Cavaliers?

SS: I don't see him at all but we talk online. I also talk to Devin [Smith] and a few football players -- [Wali] Lundy, [Tony] Franklin, [Kevin] Ogletree.

Sean Singletary, courtesy TheSabreSTL: Speaking of UVA, you are without a doubt the most loved player by Wahoo Nation in this century. You had your jersey retired while you were still playing, and your number retired a year later. You are the only ACC player to have recorded 2,000 points, 500 assists, 400 rebounds, and 400 steals. Do you ever look back and just think, "Wow. That was me."?

SS: It hasn't set in yet. I just consider it doing my job. Hopefully an NBA team will take a look at those stats! [Laughs]

STL: How do you think playing for UVA, and holding the Virginia diploma, has helped you along the way?

SS: Maturity Maturity Maturity. I did a lot of growing up during my four years, which prepared me for the "Real World." I also did a great deal of networking. I have built some relationships that will last me a lifetime!

STL: Is there anyone in particular who has stood out in your networking?

Sean SingletarySS: I can't begin to name the people I've been networking with, and I don't want to leave anyone out!

STL: You were pretty vocal when head coach Dave Leitao was forced to resign at UVA. Why do you think the University reacted so quickly to that season, and looking back a year later, what are your thoughts?

SS: I have no clue why. Coach and I went to war for the Wahooooos many a nights during our careers. He has had a great deal of success during his time there. I am not sure why those decisions were made but it is what it is. He is a great man and will be successful in all of his future endeavors.

Sean Singletary, courtesy UVa Media RelationsSTL: You went down and helped with the current team with some of its workouts at the beginning on the season. What do you think about the players and the new coaching staff?

SS: Great character and a wealth of knowledge from the coaches combined with amazing young talent equals success for the years to come. They already are making much more noise than they were expected to. I can't wait until the ACC tourney comes up. I think they can make a big run!

STL: What do you like to do when you're not working out or playing basketball (we know the PS3 keeps you busy!)?

SS: That's it, the PS3!!!!

STL: What is your favorite memory of UVA?

SS: My fav memory was signing the letter of intent. Best decision of my life, which allowed for many more unforgettable memories.

We thank Sean for taking time out to answer a few of our questions, and we, together with all of Wahoo Nation, look forward to his return to the States!