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#1 Baseball travels to Tallahassee

So, I had a whole article written up about FSU and all the things that make the program what it is and highlighted who would be great for them. Unfortunately, that got deleted when I accidentally pressed the back button on this silly laptop. I will try and give a brief overview.

FSU is lead on the mound by their Friday night starter, Sophmore Sean Gilmartin. Gilmartin had a great Freshman years with only one real hiccup at(you guessed it) Charlottesville where the Hoos put a thumping on the Noles as they didn't really like playing in the cold and wet weather. On offense and in the field they are lead by Senior, Stephen Cardullo and Juniors, Tyler Holt and Stuart Tapley. 

As for my prediction for the weekend: On Friday, I think Danny will outduel Gilmartin as the Hoos are in Gilmartin's head a bit after last year. Sunday I think the Noles will take game since UVa hasnt had much pitching depth on the final day of the series so far this season. That means Saturday will be the rubber match between the two. I think FSU's crazy fan base will pull them through and take the game and the series. I know that is a bit sacreligious but winning 1 game this weekend would actually be a good thing. While it wont be as good as winning the series or sweeping the Noles in Tally, it wont be the end of the world.