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Landesberg Leaving Virginia; Declares for NBA Draft

Sylven Landesberg has officially declared for the 2010 NBA draft.  Despite being a student at one of the greatest universities in the country, the sophomore guard will not be completing his current semester.  Landesberg was suspended for the last game of the regular season and the ACC tournament for his failure to meet academic obligations.

"I have discussed Sylven's future with the Landesberg family and been informed that he will be leaving the University of Virginia to pursue his professional aspirations," head coach Tony Bennett said. "I am thankful for the significant contributions Sylven made to the Virginia basketball program and wish him success in his future endeavors."

I find it interesting that Bennett discussed this with the family, but was informed that he will be leaving the University, rather than the earlier press release relating to Tristan Spurlock's transfer, which was stated to be a mutual decision.  I would like to know who is counseling Landesberg on this matter.

Virginia's press release does not explicitly mention the NBA.  This means that NBA or not, agent or no agent, Landesberg will not be returning to the University.

Landesberg was second-team All-ACC this year and the returning ACC Rookie of the Year.  He averaged 17.3 points, 2.9 assists and 32.1 minutes played a game while playing in 27 games. Landesberg averaged 4.9 rebounds a game and shot 81.0 percent (111-137) from the free-throw line. He made 44.3 percent (166-375) of his shots from the field, including 38.3 percent (23-60) from three-point range.

ESPN, who lists Landesberg on their official early-draft-declaration lists, says this to say about the star:

"His jump shot still needs some work, but Landesberg is an interesting prospect who makes a living slashing to the basket. He ran into trouble at Virginia and ended up leaving the team. He's a possible second-round pick."

What do you guys think? Smart move given next year's uncertainty? Terrible move? Will he end up in the NBA? Israel?