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Wahoo Madness: Semifinals

UVABasketballWhat happens when you take 8 of the most recent Virginia Cavaliers' basketball teams, stick them in an arena, and tell them to battle to the finish? Wahoo Madness does just that, and we'll soon simulate and determine the greatest Wahoo team of the decade. Today we take a look at the semifinal matchups as the sixth seeded 2002-03 team tries to continue its cinderella story.

Last week the 2001-02 Cavaliers cruised into the semifinals with an 89-78 victory over the 2008-09 squad.  Roger Mason, Jr. and company look to continue their success this week against the 2005-06 squad, who narrowly escaped the jaws of defeat against Sean Singletary and the 2007-08 team.  On the other side of the bracket, The 2006-07 team dispatched the 2009-10 Cavaliers, who just couldn't muster up the offense to effectively take care of business.  But it was the 2002-03 team that everyone was talking about, as they upset No. 3 seed 1999-00, with Devin Smith putting up 5 threes and getting double digit scoring support from three of his teammates. (Apparently, Nick Vander Laan exchanges his mittens for real hands that day.)

Game Five: No. 1 Cavaliers (2000-01) vs. No. 4 Cavaliers (2005-06)

Final 3/24/10 1st 2nd Final
2005-06 Cavaliers 34 38 72
2000-01 Cavaliers 49 44 93

The 2000-01 squad looked invincible today as they cruised past the 2005-06 Cavaliers.  J.R. Reynolds and Sean Singletary put up 20 and 21 points respectively for their team, but were unable to find much support anywhere else.  Jason Cain led the team in rebounds with 9, and contributed 7 points to the cause. Adrian Joseph, Lars MIkalauskas, and Mamadi Diane put up 6 points a piece, but starter Tunji soroye was only able to put up 2.  J.R. and Sean both made three 3-pointers.

Meanwhile, all five starters foudn themselves scoring in double digits for the 2000-01 squad.  Adam Hall led the team with 17 points, closely followed by Chris Williams with 16.  Donald Hand contributed 12 points, and Mason and Travis Watson each put up 10.  Watson and Williams both had 9 rebounds a piece, and Hall had 8.  The team shot an impressive 8-13 from three point land, 61.5%, and 58.3% from the field. 

J.C. Mathis, who was apparently allowed to touch the ball again, contributed 7 points, and of no surprise to anyone, shot 25% from the charity stripe (1-4).

Game Six: No. 2 Cavaliers (2006-07) vs. No. 6 Cavaliers (2002-03)

Final 3/24/10 1st 2nd Final
2002-03 Cavaliers 37
2006-07 Cavaliers 46

No real surprises here, the 2002-03 Cavaliers just didn't have enough juice to get the job done over a powerful 2006-07 front court.  Travis Watson had 12 points, and Todd Billet and Keith Jenifer put up 10 points each. Keith Jenifer! Remember that name? Wow, there's a guy who had the swagga to belong at Miami if I've ever seen one. Thug. There. I said it. But I digress. Derrick Byars had 9 points, and Devin Smith at 8.  The team shot 41.1% from the field, 36.8% from the three.

Meanwhile, Singletary and Reynolds continued their high-flying ways, putting up 22 and 19 points respectively for the 2006-07 team. Mamadi Diane had 14 points, and Jamil Tucker came off the bench with 7.  Reynolds went 8-8 from the foul line, Singletary went 6-8.  Singletary was streaky from the three, and made four of them in eleven attempts.

Wahoo Madness Finals

Friday we'll catch the Finals of Wahoo Madness, as the top-seeded 2000-01 team faces off against the second-seeded 2006-07 team. Predictions?