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No. 1 Virginia Dispatches VCU and Richmond

No. 1 Virginia took care of business last night, 6-1 over VCU and 7-1 over Richmond in a double header over at Snyder.  The Cavaliers are now 22-1 (3-0 ACC) and are showing no signs of slowing down.  Virginia looks to continue its homestand this Friday against 49th-ranked Miami.

The Rams fall to 9-9 overall, losing all three doubles contests.  The Cavs took care of business in singles as well, winning 5 matches in straight sets.  Sanam Singh was upset at No. 1, just his third loss of the season.

In the second match of the doubleheader, Virginia topped Richmond (7-10) 7-1 in a match using an alternative scoring system. The teams played an extra singles match for a total of eight points.  Still, Virginia won all three doubles matches, and recorded straight sets at Nos. 4-8.