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Baseball Weekend Preview

The Cavaliers begin their annual Charlottesville tournament this weekend hosting Wright State and Dartmouth in a 4 game round robin weekend series. The Cavaliers will play 2 games against both opponents. They will play Wright State on Friday, Dartmouth on Saturday, and both teams in a double header starting at 11:30 on Sunday.

Not a whole lot is known about Dartmouth as this will be their first games of the year this weekend. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Dartmouth shouldn't be too much of a challenge since they are a northern school and I would imagine they haven't been on an actual baseball field since November. The Ivy league isn't the deepest or most difficult baseball league either.

Wright State on the other hand, shouldn't be that difficult either(threw you for a loop didn't I?). They have a magical 2-5 record this season having beaten Canisius and LeMoyne 2 weekends ago. Wright State played Clemson last weekend and was swept by the Tigers. Although, on Friday Wright St. only lost 4-3 and Saturday 8-6 so they might pose a semi-formidable test for the Cavaliers.

As for the pitching rotation this weekend, it will be a bit different since there are four games instead of the usual 3. I expect the usual three starters to take their natural starts with Hultzen on Friday, Morey on Saturday, and Winiarski on Sunday. The fourth starter will most likely be 2nd year Will Roberts. Roberts was supposed to start on Tuesday against JMU but the game was postponed due to weather.

This weekend will also more than likely see a lot of players get some playing time that have not seen a whole lot this year.

My prediction for the weekend: Cavaliers sweep all 4 games fairly handily.