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Baker Leaves the Team for Personal Family Reasons

Calvin BakerThere's a lot to update you all on from this past weekend, and I recognize I'm falling a little bit behind here. But we just wanted to make a quick writeup to let you know that Calvin Baker has asked to leave the team for the remainder of the season for personal family reasons.  A short statement from Tony Bennett after the jump.

Virginia senior guard Calvin Baker (Newport News, Va.) notified UVa men's head basketball coach Tony Bennett on Monday (March 8) that he is leaving the team for personal family reasons.

"Calvin will miss the rest of the season for personal family reasons," Bennett said. "A member of his family is ill and he needs to be with his family. Calvin and his family have our best wishes."

Baker, one of the team's captains, has played for Virginia the last three seasons after transferring from William and Mary. This season he has played in 25 games, starting 10. He averaged 3.0 points, 1.9 assists and 1.2 rebounds a game.