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On this Day of Remembrance...

Today we are all HokiesIt's been three years since the tragic shootings took place on Virginia Tech's campus, but for many in the Commonwealth, it feels more like three weeks. In many ways, the 2010 Day of Remembrance may be the most important one thus far. Those who were freshmen at the time of the shootings in 2007 are now seniors getting ready for their last month on campus before moving on to bigger and better things. And with this year's commencement, the campus might be able to find some sense of closure.

It's not often that we here at StreakingtheLawn compliment our Commonwealth brethren from Blacksburg, VA, but for those of you who may not have attended either University or who graduated before the rivalry heated up, at the end of the day, we are all Virginians. And it is in this spirit that we readily set aside our "cavalier" attitudes and "hokey" behavior and we come together on this day, April 16, this Day of Remembrance.

Memorial Bench dedicated on April 15, 2010I am not the only one who can remember that day clearly. By then, I was in my second year of law school and was in an environment where many of my now-fellow Wahoos around me had gone to Virginia Tech undergrad. The fear in their eyes as they watched the events unfold is one that will likely stay with me for the rest of my life.

What was amazing was watching the University and Charlottesville communities rally around our sworn archrivals. Because for one day, we were all Hokies. Their pain was our pain. Their loss was our loss. 32 people, ranging from 18 to 76, lost their lives that day. Another 17 suffered from gunshot wounds.

We encourage you to visit Virginia Tech's "We Remember" site and support the Hokies.

Despite the goodwill we are feeling today, don't let yourself forget that we have a huge series coming up this weekend against a red hot Hokie team, ranked 20th nationally. Virginia Tech has already taken the series from then-No. 4 Florida State on the road and then-No. 9 Miami. This is a big matchup for both teams, so while your students, faculty, staff, and family have my guys are way out of your league (Big East) here. Go Commonwealth, but also, Go Hoos!