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Video Highlights: Rowing, Men's Tennis, Men's Lacrosse

You all may have "moved on with your lives" or perhaps you're "doing something productive in the world," but here at StreakingtheLawn, we are still basking in the glow from this weekend's stellar performance by the 'Hoos.  In case it hasn't been made absolutely crystal clear to you already, Virginia won THREE ACC Championships this weekend! Virginia Tech hasn't even won ONE!  While you probably weren't able to watch our Rowing, Men's Tennis, and Men's Lacrosse teams capture the title live, we bet that you would at least like to see the highlights. Ask and ye shall receive. Beneath the fold are highlights from the ACC of these three championship teams.

The first that we've got for you is rowing.  This marks the 10th title in 11 years. Everything from the video seems to suggest that the Cavaliers have been bitter all year, waiting for this moment to flex their muscles and show why they won nine straight to begin with.

The second video coming up is men's tennis.  This was the fourth straight title for the 'Hoos, one that was every bit as sweet as the first.  Can you even imagine being on the other side of the net from these guys?  "Oh well, another L in my career."  To be fair, Duke gave one heck of a fight Sunday afternoon.

Finally, we have here the men's lacrosse title. Virginia has been ranked number one in the country ever since they beat then-No. 1 Syracuse the first weekend of March.  After losing to the Blue Devils the week before and sliding to second, Virginia came to the tournament with more than just a little chip on their shoulders. They came with a vengeance, ending a 6-year drought against the Devils en route to their first ACC title since 2006.

We hope you enjoyed those videos as much as we did.  We're looking forward to more high-flying Cavalier action coming up this weekend!