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No. 2 Virginia Rowing Sweeps No. 10 Michigan and No. 12 Ohio State in Varsity Races

The second-ranked Virginia rowing team hosted No. 10 Michigan and No. 12 Ohio State Saturday on Lake Monticello. The Cavaliers had a successful day, defeating both schools in the three varsity races and winning eight of nine total races

Virginia's Varsity Eight of coxswain Sidney Thorsten, Jennifer Cromwell, Summers Nelson, Desiree Burns, Katrin Reinert, Martha Kuzzy, Kristine O'Brien, Nora Phillips and Helen Tompkins won both of its races. The Cavaliers' time of 6:32.5 was good for a first-place finish against Michigan in the morning (6:41.1) and the crew went on to defeat Ohio State in the afternoon. The Cavaliers' winning time vs. OSU was 6:46.7, compared to the Buckeyes' time of 6:59.8.

The Second Varsity Eight of coxswain Cristine Candland, Victoria Burke, Marie Long, Keziah Beall, Lauren Hutchins, Christine Roper, Lauren Shook, Inge Janssen and Claudia Blandford also finished first in both of its races. The Cavaliers defeated Michigan in the morning, 6:46.0 to 6:51.4, and Ohio State in the afternoon, 6:53.7 to 6:58.2.

In the Varsity Four vs. Michigan, Virginia 'B' (coxswain Molly Frear, Cara Linnenkohl, Marelle Myers, Chelsea Simpson, Francesca Lauritano) won the morning race with a time of 7:29.9. Virginia 'A' (coxswain Sarah Pichardo, MacKenzie Leahy, Sarah Borchelt, Ruth Retzinger, Betsy Nilan) finished second (7:35.5) and the Wolverines were third (7:46.0).

In the Varsity Four vs. Ohio State, Virginia 'A' finished first with a time of 7:41.5. Virginia 'B' was second with a time of 7:45.1, followed by Ohio State with a time of 7:56.8.

Virginia's Novice Eight (coxswain Erin Friedlander, Erin Metcalf, Allison Lyons, Sandy Suhling, Susanne Grainger, Ann Reid, Taylor Levine, Molly Schwoebel and Blair Anstaett) defeated Michigan, 7:04.4 to 7:07.5. The Cavaliers finished third in the race vs. Ohio State 'A' and Ohio State 'B'.

In the Second Varsity Four, Virginia 'C' (coxswain Sarah Shanfield, Erin Hawes, Jenny Shultis, Morgan Joseph, Lieve Pitts) won its race in afternoon with a time of 7:56.7, compared to Virginia 'D's time of 8:0.1 and Ohio State's time of 8:06.0. Virginia 'D's crew was coxswain Miriam Kaplan, Susie Chalker, Jenn Lampen and Hannah Silver).

"It was a strong performance, especially after a challenging West Coast trip," associate head coach Steve Pritzker said. "We're still working to make progress and we're very excited to see where we are in the next few weeks."