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2010 Football Uniforms Revealed

Previous Virginia HelmetMike London and his coaching staff introduced the new Virginia football jerseys for the 2010 season this afternoon in front of the McCue Center by U-Hall. As promised, the horns are gone, the orange is back, and three combinations were unveiled. How did they turn out? Pictures and reactions follow the crease.

Based on initial reactions by Cavaliers fans on Twitter, "underwhelming" is the most popular adjective to describe the new uniforms. Because much of the media and fans had honed in the fact that these uniforms would be a part of the new Nike Pro Combat series, many were expecting the new, sleek, modern (and, at times, messy) jerseys – lots of sharp angles, pointed tips. But that was not the case.

New Uniforms, courtesy Dear Old UVaMany fans commented that these jerseys harken back to the 1990s, or perhaps 1980s, which is just fine with me, given our success. Fans seemed to have the most beef with the orange jersey, blue pants combination, with one fan describing it as, "orange over navy looks like a 1st-grader dressing himself. Still better than Tech's."

According to London, players did have at least some input on the jerseys.

One commented, "They're carbon copies of the Richmond uniforms. If you put orange where red was, there you go."

Wide Receiver Jared Green tweeted, "@TheUVAFool they're definitely a great look. I give them a 10! #sweet"

What are your reactions? Let's hear it in the comments. I'm personally a fan of the white jerseys with orange pants - I like the orange outline over the numbers. I wish the jerseys were just a little busier than they are.