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No. 2 Northwestern Requires Lightning to Eke Past No. 4 Cavaliers

It took determination, skill, extra time and help from above for the No. 2 Northwestern women's lacrosse team to stave off the No. 4 Virginia Cavaliers last night in Evanston, Illinois.  The Hoos suffered a 11-8 defeat in a game that had it all - lead changes, overtime, questionable referreeing (yeah I said it), and lightning storms.  Wait, what? Lightning storms? Yeah you heard me.  Torrential downpour and occasional lightning strikes caused an hour-long rain delay that allowed Northwestern to regroup from being down 7-8 at the unexpected intermission.

Unfortunately, no one remembered to tell Virginia that the game had returned, because the Cavaliers would not score another goal for the rest of the game.  The Wildcats scored the equalizer with just 50 seconds remaining to bring on six extra minutes of playing time, then scored three quick goals in OT to cement the victory as they improe to 14-1 on the season, compared to Virginia's 13-5.

The NCAA bracket will be revealed on May 9 between 10pm - 11pm on CBS.