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You've Searched It... I'll Answer It!

So, since this past week and a half has been really slow in the Baseball department of STL, Brian (our leader) gave me a list of the baseball criteria people were searching for when they stumbled upon the site. I am going to attack these searches and give an answer to what I think you guys were asking. Lots of assumptions, just work with me here.

"Danny Hultzen"

Danny is a 2nd year left-handed starting pitcher on the team this year. Out of Bethesda, MD, he attended St. Albans School in DC, where he lead the team to the city championship his senior year. Last year, Danny was put into the Friday night starting pitcher spot where he dominated and helped lead us to the College World Series. Along the way he was named First-Team All ACC and Freshman of the Year last year. As for the stuff you won't find on the UVa sports website, Danny is one of the most down to earth people I know. For all the accolades and attention he gets, he still plays for the team and does whatever is necessary to win. Danny will probably end his career with the Wins record as he will likely be drafted in the 1st round next year and put on the fast track to the majors with whatever team he is drafted by. I can't wait to watch him pitch in a big league ball park.

"Kevin Arico"

Arico is the 3rd year closer for this years team out of somewhere in New Jersey (does it really matter? IT'S JERSEY!). Kevin was a stalwart out of the pen last year and will likely end this year with the single-season saves record for the Hoos program. Working off of his slider that moves on the 5th dimension, Kevin has racked up strike outs and is currently tied for the national lead in saves.

"Will Campbell uva Baseball"

The two of you that searched for this already know who I am (Mom and Dad I am talking to you!). Anyways, you can read my bio in the earlier articles for more in depth. Graduated last year from UVa with a degree in History. Currently working for Booz Allen Hamilton in the Northern Virginia area.

"Baseball season in Virginia"

Generally runs from late February to June. Unless you play for UVa, in which case it runs from January 1 to Dec 31.

"buddy sosnoskie"

This guy plays for VT. I heckled the hell out of him when they were at Davenport this year because he had facial hair that resembled Hulk Hogan circa 1993. It wasn't a good look but hey, whatever your sister wants down there in Blacksburg.

"college hotties uncovered"

I don't really know what to say here. The fact that it lead to STL has me baffled.

"hokies vs virginia baseball"

Well, we all know what happened there now don't we? I don't want to rehash that Sunday game ever again and I certainly won't now.

"jarrett parker virginia baseball interview"

Although I never did an interview with JP, I can tell you a bit about him. Other than what you can read on the Virginia Sports site, Parker is a great guy with TREMENDOUS talent. After struggling his 1st year, I think the team concept kicked in with Parks and it helped him to reach his potential. After talking to some scouts and listening to everything, I think Parker has a chance to be a late 1st round or compensation round draft pick. His upside is ridiculous since he can run like a gazelle and has the arms of a orangutan. Both of those allow him to generate power through his 6'5 frame. He would also probably want me to mention, he works out really hard and put on 20 lbs. of muscle in the offseason between his 1st and 2nd years.